Goodies that Give 2014 [part1]

Do you remember last year when I teamed up with Alison + Jenna to bring you our “Purchase with Purpose” gift ideas?  Well they beat me to the punch this year, so it’s time I rang in on the subject.  Alison posted her 1st Goodies that Give here.  and Jenna part 1. part 2.

If you know me, you know I love to shop for Goodies that Give.  [I even have a resource page for it here]  I really just can’t help it.  If I’m asking for gifts [and giving them] I am drawn towards items that are made by artisans, for a purpose, hand made, and generally support a cause or a people group.  I love that there really are amazingly on trend, fashionable, items out there for us to choose from and enjoy.  I can’t even go looking at other stores, because I have a hard time buying something that isn’t fair trade.  [ok wait, I still shop at Target..]  This is also why it helps that I live in a small town, I just don’t have to see what else is out there I might want 😉  so online shopping it is.  I’m sure there will be a few posts in the next month about some stellar “purchase with purpose” items that are on my list.

Hopefully you will get some ideas for the loved ones in your life too!


for the traveler:

lime riki swimwear//His Imbaraga passport holder//neenaandco day bag


 for the fair trade fashionista

sevenly “be the change” sweatshirt//fashionable Tigist leather clutch//fashionable Eden Infinity Scarf 

fasionable gear made in Ethiopia


Oh, I’m being rude.  I have to tell you about some things I already have + LOVE that you might want for this holiday season! 

No 41 bag//Water Drop Prism Earrings by Noonday Collection//blanco y negro infinity scary by Noonday Collection

made in Rwanda//India//Peru

PS have you seen the TOMS marketplace??  I drool!!  These things are on my list:


JADEtrip Nicole Cosmetic Bag//LTSN Beachwood Troubadour headphones//stone + cloth Lucas backpack

there will be more 😉

What is your favorite “Goodies that Give” item??  Be sure to check out my pinterest page for more ideas here.

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