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y’all!  just a little fun HELLO from Paige + I back when we were with Noonday Collection + International Justice Mission in Rwanda this summer on our #StyleForJustice trip!

I think I was showing Paige how I do voice memos?  who knows.  but it makes me happy to hear us so happy and giddy over Noonday.  we saw it y’all – we saw the real deal.  spent lots of time in our Rwandan seamstress’ studio, created some fabulous designs you’ll see in January, visited their homes and their families, and broke it down Rwandan dance style at a big party we had the last night with them.

these purchases we make through Noonday are legit.  it’s not “poor little African women” – but it’s empowering these women to create change in their homes and communities through sustainable work!

women empowering women. 

when you gift this season [hard to think about Christmas already, huh?] GIFT WELL. 

know that the purchases you make [and the pretty bows you tie around them for your loved ones] are sending kids to school in Uganda, keeping families together in all 10 counties we work in, and providing dignified work for our artisans.

consider shopping our new winter line for all your holiday gifting needs TODAY!

a few of my winter favorites//


Woodland Journal//$18//made in India

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.38.14 PM













silk blush headband//$34//made in India

antiqued cuff//$48//made in India


rebel clutch//$84//made in India


classic crocheted headband//$35//made in Peru

frosted eyelet arm warmers//$28//made in Peru

happy shopping! 

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A candle doesn’t lose it’s flame by lighting another candle” – anonymous

may we be the kind of women who instead of tearing each other down, judging and criticizing, we instead pull out our match and LIGHT THE FLAME for our sisters.

we are in this together, y’all.  it’s not about us.  it’s about all of us.

let’s light each others candles.


who’s candle can you light today?


  • Whitney - Your quote caught my eye. Made me think of the scripture in Matthew 5
    14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

    15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.ReplyCancel




one would think for someone who travels so much, I would have this “cruise control” thing down.  my husband sure does, and let me just say on our last trip, my lack of using cruise control sure did get me a speeding ticket [oops].

but I don’t.  I don’t have it down.  I still want to be the one in control.

driving home for the holidays last year, I had this thought about it [as you heard in the memo]

“if I want to do it, I want to do it”.  y’all, can you hear that sass??

now, maybe I should repent. ha.  this sounds like I don’t want to be controlled by the Almighty, but I so desperately want to be hid in the shadow of his wings, and guided by His will.  trusting Him as we walk into opportunities.

but I think, really I am just [as you've heard in this series before] independent.  and if someone tells me I can’t do something, I don’t like that.  I don’t want to have limits put on me, and what I can or can’t do.

I want to be the one with my foot on the gas pedal – slowing down, or speeding up.

maybe this control is an illusion.


what do you think?  is control an illusion in your life?

  • Caroline - It’s hard finding the balance between wanting to control and wanting to be under Him! Thankful for His grace as we navigate the territories!ReplyCancel


living the days + writing the days. 

y’all, yes and amen.

I feel like this summer was a big fat – LIVE THE DAYS!!!!




we were road tripping across the country, visiting friends, making memories and having grand adventures.  we were investing in people, in each other, and having an absolute blast.

the summer is so often a time for bloggers like myself to take a much needed break.  kids are home from school and there is fun to be had, pools to be swam in, afternoon snow cones to be consumed, and movies to watch.

too much fun sometimes to write it all down.



but THIS.  this series.  going back through voice memos I left myself last year on the way home for Christmas, or on our summer road trip, or random moments in between – now I’m writing the days.  

I’m sitting at starbucks on a overcast Sunday morning, while my amazing hubby watches the kiddos, and writing the days.  remembering, recording, and pounding letters on my keyboard while sipping my skinny vanilla latte.

living the days is the most important, I just hope I can take Shauna’s amazing writing advice, and when it’s time to write the days, “create silence” so I can make stuff.

what about you?  how do you balance living the days + writing the days?


dichotomy - a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.


there’s this amazing new establishment in my hometown’s downtown, called dichotomy.  they serve both coffee & spirits.  a coffee shop and a bar.  and it’s amazing.  the energy in that place is incredible.  last fall, I spent a late Friday night there with my bestie Brynn sipping on hot chocolate [dreaming about moscow mules] and it got me thinking.


why do we feel like we have to fit in some sort of “category”?

why do I have to chose between a vanilla latte or a glass of red wine?

why can’t I love both? [I do, by the way]

I feel like so much of life we feel like we have to chose between two polar opposite things, like in the game me + my college girlfriends have played for a decade.  it’s called “this or that” and you name two things, say beach or mountains, and you have to chose or die as we so politely say.  it’s a fun game to pass the time, to get to know new people, and maybe back in the day was a fun drinking game [don't tell my mom].  it’s harmless, obviously, but got me thinking – why do we have to pick? 

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why can’t I be a beach girl who absolutely swoons over the sight of a 13,000 ft mountain in Lake City, Colorado?  why can’t I absolutely LOVE being in a big diverse city one day, and the next minute be so at home on the front porch swing at a farm house?

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our identity isn’t in choosing.

we are complex people, and that’s the beauty of it!

none of us are the same.  and we aren’t always the same.

we change, and grow, and develop new loves and passions as time goes on.

and for that I’m thankful.

I’ll be a big city girl one day, and a small town girl the next…..

what about you?


catch up on my “note to self” series here.

  • carlee stratton - I LOVE this post! I completely agree. Why is it that we assume we need to be this one type of person and that if we don’t fit in that box it’s not okay? The older I get the more I’m discovering different passions and interests for things that I never expected to because they’re so different from each other. I love the example you used because just last summer my brother took a trip with my dad to the mountains and I had no interest. But for the last 5 months I’ve been daydreaming about escaping to the mountains. I love how intimately and creatively the Lord continues to mold us as time goes on.ReplyCancel