Timeline: Camp + Asher


[Camp first referral picture//less than 1 year later]

Timeline to Camp & Asher

7/2010  – God put adoption on Wynne’s heart
10/2010  – Stephen on board.  Start researching agencies

 10/18/2010 – Completed initial form to start process with Gladney!

10/19/2010 – the word is out! After having told both of our families, we sent out big email to family & friends

 11/11/2010 – phone orientation with Gladney, send off for official application

 11/15/2010 – Start application : send off references, set up doctor appt

hmm lots of paperwork went on during this time!

2/14/2011 – sent off ALL Gladney paperwork

2/16/2011 – fingerprinted
2/25/2011 – scheduled home study for March 8th
3/8/2011 – Home Study
4/12/2011- Gladney Approved!!!!!!!
4/13/2011- Sent home study off for CIS fingerprinting appointment, and to Kate (KBS) to get authenticated.
4/25/2011- Gladney received last Gladney payment:)
4/25/2011- Kate (KBS) to authenticate all documents for dossier (minus CIS approval – still waiting)
5/9/2011 – USCIS fingerprints in Lubbock
7/1/2011 – USCIS approval letter
7/11/2011 – we are officially on the WAIT LIST!
2/2/2012- switched adoption agencies (IFS) & accepted the referral of our little boy!
4/25/2012 – lost referral
4/26/2012 – accept referral for 2 babies!
5/1/2012- Dossier arrived in Addis
5/3/2012- babies arrived at foster home in Addis
6/8/2012- submitted to court
6/3-/21- meet camp + asher
7/2/2012 – Passed court7/17/2012- Embassy paper received
7/31/2012- fingerprints updated
10/16/2012- Embassy clearance
10/23/2012- leave for embassy
10/25/2012- embassy appointment
10/25/2012 – GOTCHA DAY!!!
[Asher first referral picture//less than 1 year later]

  • Rachel and Cameron Meier - My husband and I are currently researching agencies to adopt. We have looked at both Gladneys and ISF and we were wondering if you could send us an email about your experience with them and if you would recommend them or not. Thanks! We absolutely love learning about your adoption journey!

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