90th Birthday, trip to Waco and more!

So much has happened since I last blogged. WOW! Now that I am at school all day I don’t have as much time to play on my blog/upload pics/etc. But, I’m going to update everyone on whats going on. Also wanted to let you know I have finally got my Picasa Web Album up and running, so check it out at http://picasaweb.google.com/wynne.elder Here you will find ALL of my pics from the past year or so. Pretty fun!

Over Labor Day weekend Stephen and I spend the weekend at the beautiful Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio for his Grandfathers 90th birthday! We had so much fun with everyone celebrating 90 years of a wonderful man. The day after his 90th birthday, Grandad played a round of golf, swam in the pool and even went around the lazy river! That night we all celebrated together at the Luckenbach pavilion with a Mexican fiesta complete with a mariachi band and toasts to grandad! After the party all the cousins floated around the lazy river at night – fun! It was so great to be with all of Stephen’s family and my parents even came! What a great weekend!

The first picture is of Grandad in the pool, second is of all the cousins and their spouses, and the last pic is of Stephen and I and are very favorite 5th grader – Davis!

This past weekend started Friday with a trip to Rankin for my FIRST EVER 6 man football game and first trip with the cheerleaders as one of their coaches. It totally brought me back to high school (except my school didn’t have football) but you know what I mean. We rode on the bus with the football team and got to Rankin (population 800) 2 1/2 hours before the game. The girls did really great and it was so much fun to watch them having fun! Oh how I miss my high school cheerleading days….haha. After a sad loss, we got on the bus and headed back to Midland. I taught some of the girls the very important game of “this or that” and we had a few laughs on the trip back! Although we didn’t get back to Midland until midland it was a pretty fun trip- I really enjoy being with the girls and had fun talking to my middle school cheerleaders and moms at the game! Go Chargers!!

At 5:30 am on Saturday we headed to Waco – lucky for us the drive was only 5 hours – haha. We got to Waco and hung out at my parents house and then went to lunch with the Duncans at Rudy’s…yummy! Then mom and I spent the afternoon browsing around some of Waco’s greatest shops šŸ™‚ We headed to the Baylor game early and surprised mom with balloons and cake in the sky box for an early birthday celebration! We had fun at the game with lots of family members and some of MH’s friends! After the game MH, Jeff, Stephen and I headed to Georges! You see there are 3 places we MUST go every time we go to Waco: Georges, Lolitas and Common Grounds. George’s was stop #1. We enjoyed some Big-O’s and Baylor beggars! I thought of all of my Baylor friends and all the fun nights we had at George’s in college. After George’s we went to a new Waco hot-spot: Austin’s on Austin Ave. It was actually pretty cool – it reminded us a lot of Cedar Street in Austin with a big outdoor patio with a live cover band! How fun! We saw a variety of Waco/Baylor friends and it was a really great time! Stephen and I hardly ever go out in Waco so it was fun to get out and see old friends! Sunday we had lunch with the fam at Lolitas and got some cowboy coffee on the way out of town….the trip was complete! It was really really great to be home even if it was for a short time. I hadn’t been back in over 4 months…which is the longest I’ve EVER gone without Waco. I never thought I’d say this but over the course of the weekend I was actually thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to move back there one day.

Ok, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll post some pics of the house and tell you more about my job at Trinity soon!

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  1. Yay! I am glad that you posted!!! Maybe we will finally get to meet sometime soon šŸ™‚ Have a great week!

  2. alli zachry says:

    I MISS YOU FRIEND!!!!! Can we get together this week?? And you aren’t allowed to move back to Waco, you have to stay in Midland FOEVERR with me!!! šŸ™‚

  3. You’ve had a busy summer! Maybe we’ll see you at a football game this year!

    PS I know where Rankin is!! Good ole West Texas towns! šŸ™‚

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