We had a fabulous trip to the Cayman Islands! We left Thursday morning and arrived just in time to hit the beach for a bit! The water is BEAUTIFUL and I was instantly obsessed. The Duncan family was vacationing in the Cayman’s so they picked us up from the airport and before they dropped us off we made plans for dinner! We spent some time in the water and on the beach then headed up to get ready for Malcolm to pick us up. We went over to their condo for cocktails, and it was so fun to see Laura, Frances and the Duncan clan! We went to dinner and had a great time catching up – after dinner the girls (minus preggo, Fran!) and Stephen went to hear some live island music. We had a great time dancing and catching up!

Friday morning was the trip to Sting Ray City! We boarded the catamaran around 10am and headed to see the sting rays! It was so awesome sitting on the front of the boat, with the wind and the sun! I LOVE being outside and especially on water. love it. We got to SRC and I can’t say I wasn’t scared. It really freaked me out at first, but I got better. Stephen of coarse held one, snorkeled, etc – he loves the ocean. On the way back we were treated to rum punch and lunch!  We spent the rest of the day on the beach then headed to the rehearsal dinner Friday night at The Wharf.  It was beautiful – Heather did a great job with the atmosphere and decorations – the food was fabulous and we even got to play my new favorite game at the end of the night – the “emotion” game.  I wish we had written down what they were, but we had fun and the pictures speak for themselves.  Friday night after the dinner, Stephen and I (along w/ some other wedding folks) headed over the the Ritz for a dance party!  We had so much fun dancing to the “electronic” music – there were these other people there we swore were European, come to find out they are from TEXAS and are AGGIES!  haha.  We had a really great time dancing and burning some calories.
Saturday was beach day again – went for a walk, snorkeled at Governors – which was really pretty and fun!, ate the BEST cheeseburger at this little lunch place, laid out, read a little, loved it!  Saturday was the big night!  The wedding ceremony was awesome – you get to the Ritz and they take your shoes (it was on the beach!) and give you a beach cocktail.  We took A TON of pictures, talked to everyone, waited for it all to begin.  The fun thing about this weekend was we got to know a lot of the guests since we did so much together!  I made some new friends – love it 🙂 Everyone wore white to the wedding, which was really neat in pictures.  I think most everyone was in tears when Heather and her mom walked down the “aisle” – it was a wonderful ceremony, we all loved the Caymanian preacher.  After, the bride and groom took pictures with all of the guests!  It was so fun – it was a beautiful sunset!  Perfect night.  Then we headed to the seated dinner, which was fabulous! The bride and groom sat at each table – having a course at each table.  There was a jazz band, cigar roller, and a dance floor!  perfect! The bride changed into a long white Grecian goddess dress!  After dinner, we moved to the “after party” in one of the ballrooms.  It was beautiful – white everywhere!  We all had so much fun eating cake, and dancing to the DJ’s tunes.  It ended with sliders, mini grilled cheese and cookies to take home in a to go box.  How fun.  It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and we were so honored to be a part of it!
Sunday was another day at the beach and another day with the best cheeseburger ever.  Sunday night we went to eat w/ our little family to dinner.  Very very yummy food!  Monday I attempted to run on the beach, got about 2 miles and then got soaked so turned around and walked back.  We spent time on the beach, then had a yummy lunch and headed to the airport.  I saw my sweet Brayden Brown and family at the airport – how fun!  They were arriving as we were leaving, and I got to wave at them through the glass.  It was a GREAT trip and a fabulous first family vacation with Stephen’s side of the family!  Thank you Elder/Chambers clan!!
For all pics – check out my facebook page.  Well actually, I took 350, but lots of the best ones are there.  

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