Caymans, Aunt/Uncle, Godparents!

Stephen and I are just so blessed with amazing family and opportunities lately! We are leaving in the morning for the CAYMAN ISLANDS. I have never been and am so excited! Stephen grew up going with his family, and my own family has been a few times without me – so it’s finally my turn.

We are going for one of E-Beth (Stephen’s sister!) best friends weddings. We are so honored to be included and invited and can’t wait. I hope to come back tan, relaxed and with the “island” attitude! I am excited to hang out with the fam (Stephen’s mom, sister and brother-in-law are all going too!) especially since E-Beth is PREGGO and I have not seen her since she started showing. I don’t think I have talked about this on the blog yet- but we are so absolutely thrilled to be Aunt Wynne & Uncle Stevo (or whatever baby Chambers wants to call us!). That little girl is going to be so spoiled by us! We can’t wait for her to arrive in the fall. Praying for her and her momma during the pregnancy.

We also found out that we are going to be GODPARENTS! Stephen’s cousin and her hubby so graciously asked us to be their little peanut’s godparents. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet – but we are beyond blessed and excited to be a part of his/her life. We were first blessed to be in the Coy’s wedding and now we get to be a huge part of their first borns life! How blessed we are.

That’s all – just needed to reflect on how good God is. Even in times of the “unknown”, I think it’s important to focus on all the good things we do have and not thing things we don’t. God is good, All the time – all the time, God is good!

Hey, I'm Wynne!

Hi, friend! First, I truly am so giddy that you are here. I want you to know I believe in you and all the ways you are growing towards living a more intentional life.  I genuinely hope you are encouraged from our time together here.

A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my four kids.
Welcome, come on in!

let'e be friends

  1. The Caymans is our favorite place!! Have fun!!

  2. Scar says:

    Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it! Love you Fave.

  3. The Lacys says:

    wynne, you are so sweet! thank you!
    i am pretty sure they are from hobby lobby a few years ago..very inexpensive. hope you guys had fun in the caymans. can’t wait to see pictures.

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