Family Wedding

This past weekend, Stephen and I traveled with my family to New York/Connecticut for my cousin Brad’s wedding. We have been looking forward to it since July and it did not disappoint. Like most of you probably know, when you have family all over the country you only get together for weddings & funerals – and I was SO glad for this opportunity to get together with my dad’s side of family. There are 10 of us grandkids/cousins and I absolutely love any time I get to be with them.
When we got to Connecticut on Thursday night, it was SNOWING!!! Seriously? The previous day it was 94 in Midland – but I was happy, after a very interesting change of clothes in the car, we made it to the BBQ. It was a great start to the weekend.
Saturday morning the golf/apple picking got canceled and everyone headed out to the bowling lanes!! We had SO MUCH FUN bowling – as Rachel says “how often do you hang out with your family on Friday at noon and bowl?”. I just have to point out that even though I got killed on the first game – I SMOKED everyone on the second game…that’s right 126!
Friday night was the rehearsal dinner – so much fun and another good time to catch up with family. I wish I had cute pictures from that night – but if you want to see pictures from the whole weekend, my sister Rachel has all my dad’s on her facebook. Saturday we had a great lunch at this cute pizza place in Kent, Conn while we watched the OU/Texas game. The town was BEAUTIFUL – they really get into fall decor and the leaves were changing…
and it was awesome. Saturday was the BIG DAY! It was so pretty – they got married in Millford, New York at a winery. The wedding was in the field overlooking mountains and hills and it was so perfect. We had hot apple cider and stayed warm. Allison looked amazing and beautiful and Brad looked so happy and in love. What a great testament to LOVE. The reception was in the “old barn” that was awesome! They had so many neat touches that I loved – pretty colored pashminas for all the girls, and behind it were a strand of family photos. They also had a photo booth! So fun – and the 95 foot hallway was where the table was set for 90ish people for dinner. It was awesome! The DJ was fab and everyone was on the dance floor. On their RSVP card they had everyone list 2 songs they would love played at wedding and I know I’m chezzy but one of my was “We are Family” – it’s my favorite song to dance to at a “family’ wedding. I loved it. However, shortly after We are Family – was “Single Ladies” – Stephen and Bryce (my cousins husband) got out in the middle of hte dance floor for a somewhat choreographed dance. haha, not really but they would play off each other’s moves. Weezy and I were just cracking up.
All and all, it was a GREAT time with family. I love family – even though it’s not butterflies and rainbows all the time, at the end of the day those are the people that will love me no matter what, and vice versa. I love every minute I get to spend with my sisters, parents, aunts & uncles and cousins. *and obviously, my favorite person in the world – Stephen

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