Lake Tahoe

I am SO behind on my blogging, but had to catch up from a few weeks ago because I also use this blog as a online-journal of sorts. I love to look back and read about all the little details you soon forget if you don’t write them down šŸ™‚ So – back to our 3 year anniversary trip!

Stephen was SO SWEET to plan this trip for me for our anniversary. He left me in suspense for about 2 months and finally the night before we left he gave me a gift to unwrap. Well, I opened it and it was the plans for our trip to LAKE TAHOE. AHH! my parents are a part of a vacation club that has a home there, so we got to use it for a few days (thanks so much mom and dad!) We left Thursday afternoon for our flight to Vegas and then onto Reno where we rented a car to drive to Lake Tahoe! It was a fun day of traveling that ended at In-and-out burger in Reno šŸ™‚ Stephen had never been, so I had to fully document. It was SOO yummy

We got to our house and our home host, Dave, met us and showed us the house and gave us some helpful tips. Stephen had gotten me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were waiting for me along with a bottle of champagne – he always thinks of everything! We had a good time just checking out the house and hanging out.

Friday we got up and had breakfast and coffee on the deck and then ended up driving all the way around the lake (71 miles) with a stop at a yummy deli for a sandwich. Dave had told us about this deli, but failed to mention there was no actual restaurant, just pick up your sandwich so after driving around looking for the perfect picnic spot, we stopped at this scenic spot and ate then climbed this rock to take some fabulous pictures of the lake. It was so pretty! Friday was pretty much a fam-tour trip, checking it all out and taking lots of pictures. Friday night we went to our nice dinner at Lone Eagle – Hyatt’s restaurant on the water. We got all dressed up and went early for cocktails and had a full 4 course meal. It was so yummy šŸ™‚ After we had stuffed ourselves silly, we went to the casino where I dragged Stephen to a million slot machines only to lose $40. Luckily, our house had a hot tub on the desk, so we enjoyed that after the casino.

Saturday was so fun – very chill, we woke up late, had breakfast and watched football! We finally got out of the house in time to eat lunch at this cute burger place. We walked around, shopped a little (got our furry children presents at the dog bakery!) and went to Truckee for some more shopping/walking around. That night we went to eat at “Bite” it was an American tapas restaurant. so cute šŸ™‚ my favorite thing was you could get a “taste” of wine, 2 oz – it was perfect way to try more than one type of wine. Back to the casino we went – this time, I won $6! haha

Sunday we had to get up early and go home….we ran into some Midland friends at the airport – the Courts and Whitney & mom and Caroline & mom – that was fun to see familiar faces in the airport. All in all it was a fabulous trip, my husband was so sweet and thoughtful and won major brownie points. I have to start thinking about next year now….

Here are some of my fave pics – all of them are on facebook!

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