Whiterock Marathon Relay

After the race with the hubbs
The Team – Cuz Snookie!
The girls!
Lauren asked all the cousins back in September who wanted to run the Whiterock Relay in Dallas and Stephen and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. She thought it would be a fun family tradition to start and we agree! Well the weekend was finally here and we all met up in Dallas on Saturday for dinner and then we had a little cousin Christmas gift exchange. I love my bracelet and lip gloss from Lauren šŸ™‚ We finished off the night with cake balls left over from the shower! yummy!
Today was the big RACE DAY! I ran the first leg (6 miles), Stephen ran the second leg (4 miles), Kristen ran the third (5 miles), Lauren ran the fourth leg (5 miles) and Taylor ran the last leg (6.2 miles). It was so fun as we were running around like CRAZY trying to meet each other at all the exchange spots. Stephen dropped me off this morning at the American Airlines center about an hour early and I just roamed around until I ran into the Sudan family! Where I proceeded to tell them I read all 3 of their blogs…WOW. I felt like such a stalker – but I love that sweet family and was so glad to see them in person! I of coarse made a friend while running, Kelly, and ran 4 of my 6 miles with her (until I had to stop at the porta potties…ugh). I learned so much about her life in that short time we ran together! I was so thankful to have someone to run with – and I had so much fun seeing friends and family along the way – all of which had no idea I was running, I was the one most of the time calling their names out! haha. I saw my sweet cousins Bryce and Elizabeth and Ellie cheering for Brent, a few friends from high school/Waco, and a whole lot of Baylor peeps. At each relay exchange point I saw another fun Baylor friend that I hadn’t seen in a while so that was fun to catch up for a second with them!
After the race – we took some pictures with our metals, cheered on all the other runners about to finish, and had a yummy lunch at Landrys! It was such a fun family tradition and we can’t wait to run it again next year – we are hoping we can have 2 teams so each person has a running partner! Our team finished in 3:52 which was 36th of 252 relay teams! We thought that was pretty darn good, especially since it was the first race ever for 3 of our 5 runners!
The whole day I was thinking about my fave Scarlett because a few years ago I went with her and her family to watch her brother Zollie run the full! That day sparked my initial desire to “one day” run some sort of marathon – now I have done a half marathon and marathon relay! It was fun to go back to the race – I am even more motivated to start running a few days a week again. Love you fave!
OH and the name – Cuz Snookie – was because we are all cousins “cuz” and Snookie is their grandmothers nickname – and we are all her because of Snookie. yes for the double meaning!

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  1. Becca says:

    Great job! So proud of all your running!

  2. The Mabee's says:

    Wow, How fun for all of you! What a great tradition!! Greg told me yall where going this weekend, glad yall had so much fun! I’m starting to think that running in something like that would be really fun…

  3. Lindsey says:

    So I know we only met once at the Kimbrough wedding, but I LOVE reading your blog! And reading about your journey to run a half marathon has totally inspired me! I’m definitely not a runner, but have always wanted to call myself one. How dorky is that?!?! Anyway, way-to-go on the two races!! Hopefully I can blog about a half marathon (or full, maybe?) someday!
    Tell the Kunkel’s hello for us! šŸ™‚

  4. Christy says:

    Glad to see you at the marathon and it looked like you guys did a great job! That does sound like a fun tradition to do every year!
    Hope you all had a good Christmas – and i like to read your blog too šŸ™‚

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