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So are you ready for round 2 of Blogger tips & tricks?! Today I will give you some info on how to get facebook/twitter/gmail/etc links on your page & also point you towards the tutorial that helped my make my linkbar!
Big props to my friend Lauren for teacing me how to do this next part!
Google search {images} for facebook, gmail, twitter, whatever other buttons you want to put on your blog for people to contact you! Find an image you like and resize it to 60×60 {in photoshop, or antoher free editing software}. Upload them to photoshop & copy the “direct link” for that picture. Go to your blogger dashboard – layout – add a gadget – html/java script. In that gadget window paste this code: PROFILE USERNAME” target=”_blank”>THE URL OF WHERE YOU HAVE UPLOADED YOUR FACEBOOK BUTTON”/> YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” target=”_blank”>THE URL OF WHERE YOU HAVE UPLOADED YOUR EMAIL BUTTON”/> PROFILE URL” target=”_blank”>THE URL OF WHERE YOU HAVE UPLOADED YOUR TWITTER BUTTON”/>

{Obviously you will substitue it with your own info!} and you are done! And if oyu have already uploaded your new fonts – if you type “contact me” or wahtever you want in that same window it will show up in oyur new font on your blog! How fun!!
Ok now, onto my linkbar {which is the bar underneath my header that has the info “about us” “photography” etc. I used this tutorial:
then I went into photoshop and made the the words “about us” etc , saved them and uploaded them to photobucket. I saved the direct link and then replaced in the simply fabulous code “about us” to the direct link from photobucket!
I am trying to put the code but it just shows up as the links when I publish this post – so my words will have to do.
So I just replaced the HOME with my image and kept the code at the end. WOW it took me a while to figure that out! And it took a while to get the spacing/font right in photoshop with my words, but I did it!
I hope this is helping yall – I don’t want to just keep going on and on if no one cares, ha, I just wish someone would have spelled it out better for me {and I’m so thankful for those that DID spell what they knew out for me!!}
Here’s some love for simply fabulous tutorials:

Another great blog with tips & tricks is Megan from Shabby Blogs!
I followed this tutorial to get my own post divider!

My other FAVORITE blog to get great tips & tricks from is
Fan of! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!

She is the one with the free fonts & she has great tutorials!
This is where you can figure out how to do your own signature, and figure out how to put all your new fun fonts to use!
Also, The Cutest Blog on the Block has this page called Blog Secrets which is amazing too!
I pretty much went through every tutorial on the pages I have mentioned and did a few fun things! Now you know exactly where I found all of my tutorials!
One more! Made by Madeline has some good tips & templates!
I am currently in a continuing education class on the basics of Photshop – maybe I’ll have some insight to share on that someday! But that is all from me for now about blog design – let me know if there is something else you see on my blog that you want to know how to do & I’ll try to help you!
Happy Blogging!

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  1. WOW! Is all I have to say! Your blog looks great! I’ve tried to do this before and then turned around and talked myself out of it b/c it’s so hard! Thanks for all the tips, maybe on my next school break, I’ll tackle it. Great work! 🙂

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