new addition!

At first I wanted to make yall think that this “new addition” was in fact something other than what it is. But then I realized that is mean, cruel, misleading. So I’ll just go ahead and say it:


this pretty pretty princess girl will be a big sister!!!
We could NOT be more thrilled. It is so funny how things work out šŸ™‚ Stephen and I have been talking about getting another dog for a while now and @ lunch Friday Stephen says ” I think we should get another dog” to which I replied “let’s go, right now!”. Later that day I was talking to my friend (fellow baylor bear & pi beta) Katie Jenkins Norris on facebook & asked her about the puppies her and her husband Reece bred. She told me they had 3 left & so I proceeded to tell Stephen. To make a long story short, Stephen told me {almost jokingly – not thinking it would happen} if she gave us one of the boys for 1/2 price we could get one! I didn’t even tell her that but she told me that one of the boys has an infection in his eye, and to sell them with full integrity they will sell him for 1/2 price! HE’S OUR GUY!!! So it was pretty much decided then! I talked to Katie for a while on Sunday night & then she called me today after they took him to the vet. He has corneal dystrophy but the vet, after a through check, says it will go away in 16-20 weeks on its own . The mom, Katie’s dog Sage, had it when she was a puppy and it’s genetic. He’s the only one with it – so that’s good, but we are still praying for the little guy.
Katie is an AMAZING puppy mother & has been nothing but gracious to us and upfront about everything that is going on with the puppies. She knows them so well & her and i have had a few long conversations about his personality and how we think he will mix with Milly. Oh, they have named him Elijah & funny enough I have always loved that name – but shortened, Eli. It’s one of those names you love a lot but maybe not enough to name a child that – so why not name your dog? It was another sign this was meant to be. I am pretty sure we are going to call him ELI! Stephen still wants to talk about other names, but I can’t get over Eli. I am in LOVE!
The other AMAZING thing about Katie is she is a super, super, super talented photographer! She just started her own company in Dallas, Katie Norris Portrait Arts {click for link to blog!}, and back in January when I went to camp mystic for Edward’s christening – she was the photographer! We got a chance to reconnect & catch up and back then I was in the beginning stages of my photography obsession. Tonight we talked for a while about goldens & photography and it’s just been a blessing to see someone who’s gone before me and is doing what I would ultimately love to do! She has been so encouraging, uplifting, and informational about doing what she loves for a living. oh man, I would love it! I would love the opportunity to shoot with her, go to a workshop with her, just spend more time with this girl!
And the OTHER perk is I have fabulous pictures of my little Eli. Please check them out! More to come….3 more weeks until we can pick him up!
all photos by Katie Norris
This is Katie! Isn’t she beautiful?
sweet picture she emailed me today after his appt with the vet!
More to come of our new addition! Our “furry children” are growing! We always joke & say we will have a crazy life – 4 kids, 2 dogs & a cat. well we have the animal part taken care of now!

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  1. CaseyWiegand says:

    ohhhhhhh my goodness, SO CUTE!!! They need to come play with macy and ellie!!

  2. Ahaha, Wynne your awesome! Eli is ADORABLE!!! Tell Steven not to tell Greg or he will be wanting another furry beast for our house too! haha! BTW we want 4 kiddo’s too! šŸ™‚

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