Family Reunion in Waco!

Last weekend for Easter all of my dad’s side of the family got together in Waco for a family reunion. Ever since my precious grandmother died in 2005, it’s not been as easy for all of us to get together. Between my dad & his 3 siblings there are 10 grandkids & now most of the “grandkids” are married with kids of their own. It was so fun to be with all of my cousins are their cute little ones. My sisters & I are years younger than the rest of our cousins {our dad is the baby of the family} so we are a little behind on the whole having babies thing, but we had fun being with them and their babies!
Friday night started at the family farm – the T3. This was my grandfather and his brothers farm and we spent so many fun times here growing up and then in high school & college all my guy friends loved me b/c I had a place they could hunt and fish. since then the Harman’s have taken it over and re-done it a bit and added a gorgeous covered patio in the back where we had Sonny Bryans BBQ {a family thing!} and watched the kids play in the Bounce House – so fun. I already showed you the pictures I did of my sisters out at the farm so here are a few of the family!
{oh, and my family hired me as the photographer for the weekend! many more pics on facebook!}
{the farm house}
{beautiful horses}
{all my cousins kids!}
{sweet time with her pa pa}
{yep, there are MORE a coming!}
Saturday morning I met up with all the moms & dads at Ridgewood for the Easter Egg Hunt! Oh boy was that fun! It was like a flashback of what my childhood might have been like going up to Ridgewood with the family to hunt eggs. I had a blast hanging out with everyone and capturing all the cousins sweet faces!
After the egg hunt, the guys played golf & the girls went to lunch at Amelia’s and then shopping! So proud of my 2 friends in Waco for opening stellar boutiques – Roots & Rock Bottom! Got some cute stuff šŸ™‚ Saturday night we went over to the Reagans for mexican food & fun! We had so much fun at dinner with the “Trippet Trivia” game Nelwyn came up with – we were laughing so hard we were crying at many of them. Also really neat to learn more about our heritage and family. We had a blast with everyone Saturday night!
Sunday we were off to First Baptist Church {where I grew up going!} for service & then back to my parents for lunch. I love Easter – I love the message of Easter. The POWER of the cross & just reflecting on what Christ did for me that day. It’s a great time of renewal! I love it. Sunday lunch was a little crazy but I managed to get some family portraits before lunch {don’t worry – it was drizzly and humid! eww} Enjoy!

The Reagans
The Ericksons
Harman Clan
other Harmans
our little family šŸ™‚

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  1. Penelope says:

    Your photos are great! We were at the Easter egg hunt too…small world!

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