2010 Re Cap!

2010 was a huge year. I’m having a hard time really moving onto 2011, because I feel like I can’t adequately put into words or thoughts the year I had in 2010. Right off the bat, in 2010 I finally was able to “let go” of a dream I had since childhood. I always wanted to run my own christian summer camp. I went to college for it, I tried to make a full time career out of it and God finally got through to me and showed me that wasn’t the plan He had for me. He knew all along – but He had to get me to the right place to realize that wasn’t what He had for me. Does that mean I’m not going to be involved in camps ever? NO! Does it mean that I”m going to try with all of MY might to make MY dream come true – no, I’m not going to do that either. Because I now know that that it isn’t the dream that God had for me. I’ve told some of you this in person – but never on the blog, the name of our son. We are going to name him Camp. When I start the story of it all to someone I just meet and say at the end – that we are naming our son Camp, they get it. I love it. It’s a full circle moment. God has given me different dreams & passions. Children. Africa. Orphans. and CAMP is the root of that. I love it.

Speaking of Camp, deciding to obey Gods call to adopt was another huge thing that happened in 2010. I know I’ve told the story on here before, but I just love to tell the story of Gods faithfulness in that. This year, in Teen CBS we have been studying Genesis. Each week God never ceases to remind me that is he FAITHFUL. That He keeps His promises. That He does what He says He will do! I am constantly encouraged and reminded of Gods faithfulness. A year and a half ago God gave me an undeniable desire to be a mom. It’s been a season of waiting ever since. It’s already been a year & a half and who knows when the “waiting” will be over. But I know that God is faithful. He keeps his promises! It’s all in HIS timing. I’m giving a talk tonight on the story of Jacob & Rachel. How he waited and he worked for her for 14 years! He LOVED her and it says the days went by quickly because of his love for her. I pray that happens with our journey to Camp. I pray that our love for him grows so deeply, that the days go by quickly. But while I’m waiting, I will learn to trust in Him more. To put my foundation in HIM and not in me. I can’t take matters into my own hands. I have to KNOW that He is there, He is faithful and this all will happen in HIS timing. It’s hard. But it’s a lesson I’m willing to learn while I’m waiting. Powerful things can happen while we wait. I challenge you to think about what YOU are waiting on God for. what is He wanting to teach you in the season of waiting? let him grow you. let the challenges and trials you are going through mold and shape you. Let your faith grow & your foundation be in Him.
Another huge thing in 2010, was the start of my photography business. When God told me that camp wasn’t my lives purpose, He showed me what was. Photographing people. It is one of the biggest joys in my earthly life. I love the way it makes me feel, I love the way it can encourage others, I love the way it makes THEM feel. I love the relationship of it all. I love getting to serve God through photography. I love that He gave me this opportunity to do what I love. I want to USE it for his glory. Right now, I’m struggling a bit because I am dying to get to do some work over in Africa. I see these amazing photographers who get to tell STORIES with their photographs and in turn cause a change in lives because their story was told. I am BEGGING God to let me do that. To open the door. To give me that opportunity. But, I have to remind myself that I did that with God with camp for YEARS. And it wasn’t what He had for me – He had something better in mind. So, the cycle never ends – I am giving it up to Him. If I am supposed to do that sort of work, it will happen in HIS timing. Won’t I ever learn? Ha. But seriously, I think about it all the time and often think I would give it all up to go to Africa to tell peoples stories. His will be done, not mine!
Ah, I feel better. I have SO MUCH blog to catch up on. We had an amazing time over the holidays with our families and I took thousands of pictures that I haven’t even gone through yet. I can’t move onto 2011 until I fully recap 2010 – so this week, you will be seeing and hearing about Christmas (even though, it was a month ago!) because I want to cherish and remember those times with our family. Today though, I just had to write. Writing helps me get to how I’m really feeling. So – thank you for reading/listening.
Quick update on adoption: paperwork. I have almost 95% of the Gladney paperwork done, but am waiting to hear back from a few people on some missing info/questions I have. I hope to get it in asap and get to our home study. If you would, pray with us for favor. Pray that we would believe that God will be faithful and in HIS timing we will bring our little guy home. I am feeling a little bit guilty that I haven’t gotten in all turned in already, but I know there is a plan. God is good & He has already provided us with our home study $$ that I was nervous we wouldn’t have when we needed it. Praise God! This is a journey of TRUST and pray with us that we will continue to trust in his perfect plan & timing. and pray for favor that the process will move along quickly and smoothly.
Thank you all!
Happy Tuesday!
If you think about it tonight – say a prayer for me as I share my story on waiting with a group of high school students. thanks šŸ˜‰

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  1. Sommer says:

    Saying a prayer..you are awesome and I love you!

  2. Cannot wait to hear about your 2011! šŸ™‚ AND cannot wait until you get to hold your sweet Camp! šŸ˜‰ He is going to truly know how special he is when he is old enough to understand what his name means! šŸ™‚

  3. Jordan says:

    I love Genesis!!! Love y’all and praying for your waiting and what God has planned in the mean time!

  4. Kendel Pryor says:

    Wynne! love hearing about all that the Lord is doing in your life. and I adore the story of the name Camp.!! Can’t wait to hear all ab what the lord does in 2011 for your family!

  5. Wynne, I love this post! It is SO NEAT to see God’s hand in your journey… too, too cool! Keep sharing! Also… I have LOVED the name Camp for YEARS! LOVE IT! Unfortunately, I could not get Justin on board or else Caden would have been Camp… BUT of course my love for the name didn’t come with the great significance as your love for the name does… I am SO excited to know someone who will have a sweet little boy named Camp!! Congrats to you and Stephen! Also… SO great bumping into you at the Bowl Game… always a treat to see your face!

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