trip to waco & Katie visit!

Last weekend we took the trip down to good ole’ Waco! It was a little bit of a last minute trip but it was my youngest sisters birthday & so we had a good excuse to go home! We make it out to Waco so much in the fall (football!) but the spring is a bit harder – so I was excited to have an excuse to go hang out with my family, eat at all my favorite local spots & get some shopping done too. We went the long way so we could stop at iKea to get some stuff for my new office space šŸ™‚ I cannot WAIT to show you the photos! Once the floors are in & the rest of my ikea furniture is put together I’ll show you. A trip through Brady always merits a stop at Hard 8 BBQ – man it’s good! The chopped turkey sandwich with lemon butter sauce on a jalapeno cheddar bun is moving on up on the “last meal” list.
Friday night we went to none other than Georges! A little pre-birthday celebration for MH with the fam + Nick & Ginny! It was so fun AND I was SO SO glad to get to see my friend Katie!! If you read my post about “our adoption story” here – the “friend” I speak of is Katie! Katie’s mom, Becca, is my “Midland mom” and mentor. We became close through Op Camp last summer and it was totally a god thing that she became my mentor. Her daughter, Katie, was about to graduate from Baylor (or had you already?) and came to junior high Op Camp as a mentor. We had never met before but became friends that week. One day we were sitting next to the Ga Ga pit chatting it up. Talking about our life stories. She asked why we didn’t have kids. You see, Katie is one of those people that can just ask you questions that most think are uncomfortable & can always tell you like it is. love that about her. I gave her the quick run down (which I’m starting to think I’ve never really talked about on here – I’m also thinking that I would LOVE for Stephen & I to record a video of us telling the WHOLE story up until this point because there are just TOO many details that I don’t want to forget!) then she said….
“have you ever thought about adoption?”. NO, no katie I haven’t. She replied, “well, I think you should pray about it.” Ok….
She had NO IDEA what frenzy she was starting. or rather what God was starting but just chose to speak it through her. I’ve told her mom the whole story & I know she’s told Katie but I hadn’t really gotten to tell Katie in person. It was so fun to hug her neck & update her on the adoption process and tell her that EVERY TIME I tell someone our story, it begins with “well, last summer at camp, my friend katie asked…..” It’s amazing how God can use us if we just stay focused on him and are obedient to the Holy Spirit pushing us to say things to people that otherwise might be uncomfortable. So, thank you thank you Katie for your words. None of us have ANY IDEA what the eternal ramifications they will make. to god be the glory!
Ok, back to our Waco weekend. it was full of fun things! family lunch at food for thought (thank you stephen & rachel for making us eat healthy!), family trip to Congress for new baylor shirts & new TOMS wedges for me!!! yeah!! Mom & me time getting coffee and doing a little downtown waco shopping, then dinner with aunt & uncle (thank you sonny bryon’s BBQ!) and the big game!!! I love baylor sports and it was so fun to see college game day in waco for the first time ever. Saturday morning’s at my parents house when we are all in town are my favorite – mom always makes great breakfasts, lounging in the family room drinking coffee, playing with the dogs, and this time – watching game day camp out in waco! The game was fun too šŸ™‚ saw some baylor friends & had fun cheering on the bears.
It was a great weekend & it was our first weekend to make it home in time to go to church without having to get up at the crack of dawn, which is always a bonus!

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