Living Water H2O fast

Over the past two weeks me, along with a few brave friends, have been doing the H2O challenge through Living Water International. We gave up drinking everything but free water and calculated up the drinks we would have had & the $$ it would have cost and at the end donated that $ to Living Water for them to build a well for someone without clean drinking water.
I didn’t know the issue of clean drinking water was such a problem until this year, and if you don’t know either – I encourage you to go check it out. Living Water & Charity Water both have great videos to watch. Educate yourself on what not having clean water means to people all around the world. Not being able to drink anything but the water from my faucet really made me think of the people that don’t even have that option. When I was complaining about it, I thought of them and prayed the prayer that was printed on the back of my Fast card. Because the “only free water” thing was also a prayerful fast. When I was feeling weak, I would pray this out loud. Here is that prayer:


We entreat you as one body to be gracious as we fast. We ask for your name to be made Holy. We, together, trust you to fulfill your promise that you hear the cry of the thirsty and you “will answer them”, and that you “will not forsake them”. As we join together as your body, we desire to partner with you in this effort. We give our bodies, mind, heart, and soul to your work. We ask that as we do, would you grant wisdom, resources, and provision for those we long to serve around the world. We know that it is your heart to love the poor and we long to do the same. We pray for India, Africa, Haiti, Central America, and Mexico today – please be with those who lack access to clean water. Our desire is that all the people of the world would have access to clean water and know your presence fully – come Lord Jesus! As we anticipate your return – we join with you in this mission to love the least of these, and in so doing we are loving you and bringing glory to your name. To the glory of God the Father, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we pray.


I’m not posting this so you will be impressed with me & my friends or like me any more or less than you do now – but so you can be aware. My parents always said, knowledge is power. And knowing what people are going through all of the world, helps you see more clearly how you can help be a part of that change. It didn’t hurt me to do this for 2 weeks, but it made me more aware and it made me want to do more to change this water crisis. You see, God has been teaching me lately about what I don’t deserve. Because I think we live in a culture that says, “me me me” “I deserve this, you deserve that” and honestly, we don’t deserve anything. We deserve to be dead, but Christ saved us! So, in the grand scheme of life -I don’t really NEED a coke, I need Jesus. It was SUCH a concept for me – depending on God for strength and energy instead of my daily dose of caffeine.

It was also good for my body! I slept better, I felt better, I loved it! Since coming off the fast I have returned to my morning coffee but honestly haven’t even had a coke yet. I crave water now – praise the Lord! Water is good for you, and I’m going to keep drinking it!

{PS- I gave up drinking 31 drinks the past 2 weeks between coffee, soda, juice & energy – the amount of $ I would have spent on those drinks is just sad. Wake up call!}

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