Africa Mission Trip update

I sent out an email last night to our family & supporters and thought it was only necessary to post it here too! So you can know what we are doing this summer and how you can be a part! It’s been amazing to see how God has blessed us through people who read my blog & so I have to keep spreading the news!

We had our first team “meeting” via conference call last week and wanted to pass along some details about the trip! As far as we know, there are around 35 members of our team, with about 10 being women and the rest men. MAN UP! The leaders of our trip, Roger/Rob/Cory, did a great job leading the first meeting and we are very anxious to meet everyone. There are some pretty amazing people going on our trip – a few father/son groups, a group of 4 high school seniors & their teacher (who raised $10,000 for a well in Ethiopia!), a few recent A&M graduates (check this out….) and Wynne’s new friend Chloe ( who is getting ready in the next year + to move to Africa to be a missionary (ps – you should read her blog, it’s pretty stinking cool) Pretty amazing people!

What we know we will be doing:
Visiting Korah (in Ethiopia) – quick documentary here: to work with Project 61 –

Helping with feeding program in Uganda

Drilling a well with Dig Deep in Ethiopia

Visiting children’s prisons in Uganda

Also while in Uganda we will serve on ministry teams – Stephen will be doing sports & Wynne will be doing arts & crafts!

We are really excited and ask that you continue to lift us & our team up in prayer as we prepare for Africa. You can pray for our financial obligation to this trip – we need to raise the biggest chunk of our funds by June 13th (currently we need $3,000 combined). It’s been amazing to see how God has already provided!

Donations mailed to: (and checks written to)
Visiting Orphans
PO BOx 668
Nolensville, TN 37135
Memo Line: Wynne & Stephen Elder, Man Up/Dig Deep Trip

Gift resignation: look for July 31-Aug 14 Ethiopia/Uganda – Man Up – Dig Deep – Dude Perfect Trip (it’s in order by date)
Would you like to designate to specific team member: YES, Wynne Elder (so both of our donations will be in one place!)

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