noonday in Africa…

{necklace made by the artisans in Uganda we will be with next week!}

So hilariously, in this post I didn’t even get into what we are doing for Noonday Collection while we are in Africa.

Yes, we are photographing Jessica & Joe’s pick up of their baby in Rwanda.
But Jessica and I are going to Uganda first for a few days first to meet with Jalia!
So, the backstory of Noonday is that Jessica and her man were in Uganda when they felt the call to adopt internationally. They were offered some Ugandan beads to sell to raise money. Jessica had a little show at her home and it went so well that her friends told her she should do more….and well WALAH! Jessica has been working with Jalia for over a year and they (and me!) get to meet for the first time in just a few short days.
I know I will have more details to the story, but just wanted to give you a little background. It’s really amazing what the Lord has done with Noonday. Bringing other people that do just what Jessica has done with Jalia & Uganda to Noonday so it can be one big place that sells beautiful pieces hand made by artisans all over the world!

and for people like me, who get to be an ambassador for Noonday and help raise funds for my own adoption 🙂
This is what Jessica said on the Noonday e-newsletter she just sent out….

“In just a few days, one of our Texas ambassadors, Wynne Elder and founder Jessica Honegger will be traveling to Uganda to spend time with the beautiful women pictured above. Jalia (on the right) is the head of the artisan group we work with in Uganda. Her life is not much different than mine- she has two children, and works out of her home, empowering and mentoring artisans while they create our exclusive pieces. We are going to capture their stories for YOU, the women who wear their pieces proudly.”

While we are in Rwanda, Jessica and I get to meet with a group of women who have formed a sewing group just for Noonday! How cool is that? We have a big promotion going on right now that if you “like” Noonday Collection on facebook, you are entered to win a $300 shopping spree AND we will send a Rwandan sewing school in YOUR name. *and I might get to MEET this woman while we are there! Amazing!

Noonday Collection on facebook

{necklaces made by artisans in Uganda we will be with next week!}

Seriously, if you are into jewelry, scarfs, sandals, belts, journals, note cards, bags, purses, or home accessories….and you have NOT been to my Noonday site. What are you waiting for?

Wynne Elder’s Noonday Website

While we are on this adventure, we will be blogging on the Noonday blog (here), on my blog, and I’ll be tweeting – so follow @NoondayStyle

You can pray:

When I get back, I hope to have trunk show’s set up! But until then you can always shop online….

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