this weeks mission!

this is a big week for me.
I leave for Africa on Friday.
As I get my heart ready for what’s going to happen – I have a job to finish here this week.
As you know, as soon as I got back from Ethiopia & specifically Korah – I knew I had a responsibility. After visiting the trash dump (detailed post tomorrow) and then seeing the impact that Project 61 had on taking these kids from the dump & sending them to boarding school – I knew I had to tell everyone I knew about it. So they could be aware. So they couldpray. and so those who felt a tug at their heart could give financially or sponsor a child.
I have watched God do amazing things since we got back & since He put it on my heart to advocate for these precious children. There are only FIVE kids left that need sponsors for school! I don’t know the exact number of how many there were when we got back but I know it was over 30. Only 5 precious kiddos await a sponsor in the US to send them to school. To not only send them to school but to give them LIFE. To break the yoke of poverty that is on them and to change their lives forever. For $750 a year you can do just that!
Not only have we been trying to tell people about the children who need sponsors, but we’ve been trying to help Project 61 raise money for the additional supplies these children need for school that sponsorship doesn’t cover. The front of our efforts is a “Hope for Korah”Print sale that my good friend, Jenn Verme and I have started together. Using the gift of photography that God blessed both of us with to tell the stories and raise $$ for these children.
{one of the prints you can purchase!}

For $55 you can purchase for 1 child their uniforms & books for the whole school year!

For $110 you can do the same for 2 children!
And in return get a beautiful 11×14 ($55) or 16×20 ($110) print for your home that will remind you to pray for them.
A few FAQ:
  • We will not be adding any more prints this year. We will be doing the print sale through December (would make great Christmas gifts!)
  • If you have had your eye on one & you can buy it now – buy it now! The board is trying to raise half of the $$ they need for the whole year (for 250 kids) by the end of this week. So we’d like to send them a big chunk of change before I leave for Africa Friday!
So what can YOU do?
If you want to sponsor a child, check out P61 website:
and contact Erin, at if you have any questions!
Purchase a “Hope for Korah” print:
Or if you just want to donate financially to Project 61’s efforts visit:
The deadline for sponsorship is THIS Friday, September 30th
SO…..this is a big week!
Praying for BIG things!
Get involved. Be a part. Your life will never be the same.
To see images from our time in Korah, with the Project 61 kids visit my facebook here:

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  1. So I spent my weekend going through months worth of your blog posts, what an awesome adventure you have been on. I hope you enjoy Africa again. I’ll be praying for you.

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