100 cameras.

My friend KariAnn, from high school & Baylor sent me an email last week about an organization she is working with called 100 cameras.  Just a quick glance at her email, I was hooked.  I love the idea of using photography to impact childrens lives.  To teach them how to use their cameras, to teach them self expression and then to turn around and sell their prints.  Images from their perspective!  Then 100% of the money raised goes back to help the repressed community they come from.

How awesome?

Seriously, I’ve been thinking so much lately about the power of self expression.  And how when we are little, we are all artists.  Then we “grow up” and think we aren’t any good and we stop using the creativity God gave us.  I wish I wouldn’t have spent all those years not knowing what my “creative outlet” was.  Since finding photography, I can now tell stories and express myself!  It’s powerful!  And especially for these kiddos who live in areas like Sudan.  Sudan is one of three projects that has been completed through 100cameras, and I loved looking through the images.


100cameras teaches children how to tell their story through photography. With cameras in hand, the children 
become the storytellers in ways that a foreigner could not. This encourages a stronger self-view, resulting in higher 
levels of confidence and ownership in their identity. And ultimately, in their future. 

I love this image by Kiden.  It’s so free, happy, joyful and from a teenagers perspective.  
You can go on their website & read all about the kids that took these images, and the purchase them as a card or print!  This is where the funding comes in & for the Sudan project, “To date, the sale of the children’s photos has enabled St. Bartholomew’s to improve the conditions of their current orphanages and begin plans for expansion.  They have been able to construct a protective fence around the entire campus which was necessitated by the increased rebel activity in South Sudan during the 2010 North & South referendum voting. 

Purchase one of the children’s photographs, and 100% of your purchase will go directly to the orphanage and continue to provide lifeline supplies and shelter.”

Personally, this is a project and an idea that hits so close to home.  As I’ve traveled all over East Africa & El Salvador, I’ve found kids who simply LOVE to take pictures.  I’m working on a post of pictures taken at Noel Orphanage, in Rwanda by two of my friends: Evoriste & Justen.  I LOVE their perspective.  and that’s what drew me to this project.  

Personally, I am going to purchase the black & white print above…..

by Kiden.  

I love what it says about her: 

“Kiden is remarkably resilient and more mature than most of her peers. She takes care of the younger children in the orphanage as if they are her own. Kiden is a hard worker and helps serve in the kitchen.”

To go on my new Africa wall in my hall way 😉  

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  1. larisaa says:

    For reals?! I love this! Buying one now. Do you still have your dump picture for sale? I want that one too. My house neeeeeeds and Africa wall.

  2. Jenna Knight says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! YOUR HALL LOOKS GREAT!!! I think I need a copy of that potty picture for one of my bathrooms!!!! LOVE!!!

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