a fight for clean water.

the beginning of Lent, I was encouraged by my good friend Jenna to partner with Blood:Water Mission to fast from all drinks except water for 40 days. 
Yes, you heard that right.  40 days.
no coffee.  no diet coke.  no coffee. no wine.  
just water.
except Sundays, which I take off as Sabbath & “cheat”. 
{which I now realize means I’ll go 46 days….}
but I love the reason for the fast.
not just to give something up for Lent because you are “supposed to”
but to bring clean water to those in Africa who need it, specifically Uganda for this project.
The 40 days website says this,

“We don’t think about it – really.  On the way to work, we swing by our favorite coffee shop to grab that jolt to get us started.  After a workout, we slurp a blended fruit smoothie to sustain us.  In the evening, we get together with friends over beverages to celebrate the end of another day.  

What if we didn’t have those choices?  What if water was the only option to sustain us?  And what if we had to walk miles to get water – only to have a water source that is contaminated and full of disease? 

By giving up what you’d normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda.” 

Really, when you think about it.  We have perfectly good clean FREE water in the RO tap on our sink or fridge, and we hardly ever drink it!  What our friends in Africa would do to have that luxury!

Now THAT is a reason to only drink water. 
{a. I love Uganda b. I love my bestie, Chloe, living in Uganda c. I love clean water d. I love Jesus}

{kids getting water out of the Nile River in Uganda – we met on our Visiting Orphans trip summer 2011}

I have been to places where they don’t have access to clean drinking water.  
I’ve seen the kids carrying the yellow jerry cans
I’ve heard their stories of how they walk for miles
stephen has gone with them in Uganda to get water for an orphanage
we’ve been a part of bringing clean water to a village in rural Ethiopia
{remember this blog post?}
stephen has given up his birthday for clean water

{well that’s being bulit thanks to the Dig Deep Campaign in Chuko Wayoma, Ethiopia}

we love and champion the cause of clean water
because we know what it can do….
  • it changes a community from the inside out
  • gives women & children dignity
  • reduces disease: diarrhea, cholera, dehydration
  • revitalizes community & gives them a chance to grow
  • improves education (children no longer walking to get water instead of going to school)
  • stabilizes the home (women not carrying water all day) 
  • gives them HOPE!!! 

a little more about blood:water mission
{via Jenna’s blog, via blood: water mission}

blood:water mission focuses on both the HIV/AIDS crisis and the water crises hence the name blood:water. Unclean water can have devastating and fatal effects on people who carry the HIV virus. Clean water is essential for them to survive and live out their daily lives. Blood:water has built 3 clinicsin Africa for HIV infected people 34,689 people have been tested and11,096 have been served.  They have 1,036 water projects, have served 632,670 people in 11 countries.  In just 6 years.

It’s not too late to join us!
and i just have to say.
I cheated yesterday
I’m taking it as a lesson to not be so legalistic, and know that Jesus still loves me 🙂 
we don’t have to WORK for His grace, He gives to freely.  
thank you Jesus. 
but back to only water.  water.  water.  water.  I will finish this!
a little update from Jenna on her blog today too here

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  1. Kylee says:

    I love this, Wynne! I’ve thought of doing something similar before, but haven’t done so yet – maybe I can jump in next time! I also know there is something called “10 Days” that was started on college campus and happens every fall. I love seeing people doing things like this to advocate for the vulnerable!

  2. Ashley says:

    Love this idea! I was giving up coffee, soda, and alcohol for lent for health reasons (which I”m not doing great with). But the idea of savoring water and being thankful for that and using the money for a cause may help me stay on track. Thanks for sharing this and i’m headed over to learn more about blood:water.


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