what YOU can do. {Rwanda Week}

so I talked about it here a  little bit, but wanted to reemphasize.
something YOU can do for the children at Noel.
We aren’t all go-ers.  
some of us are senders.
as much as I want desperately to be a goer, in this season God has called me to send.
so I want to send well.
{Alison at Noel in Jan}
we are having a MASSIVE garage sale for our good friend, Alison, who will be MOVING to work at Noel in less than 2 months. TOMORROW (Friday) 8-12 and then Saturday starting at 8am.
People have generously donated their items and the garage is FULL~
BUT we need some workers!
we will start tomorrow morning at 8 am until noon and then Saturday at 8
if you can come by, even for 30 min, and help check people out/get things organized/keep the peace we would be eternally grateful.
Alison is giving her life to serve in Rwanda, and the least we can do is help her get there!
Other things you can do to support Alison:
check out her blog first of all!
you can simply DONATE to her year in Rwanda via pay pal HERE.
her etsy store has amazing prints from our time together in Africa that she’s selling
and our sweet and VERY TALENTED friend Molly Swanson  has donated beautiful paintings to support Alison’s move.  They got together & talked about Alison’s trip and Molly beautifully put her words & stories into custom paintings! They are for sale in Alisons Etsy store!
{my two!}
and a large portion of my commission from my Noonday parties & online sales in April will go towards Alison’s move.  Contact me if you want to set up a party! We just launched our SPRING LINE and it’s amazing.  Can’t wait to tell you more about it! Check out my site here.
So there are MANY things you can do, from the comfort of your home, or from the comfort of my garage this weekend to support Alison.  Even if you don’t know her.  Even if you’ve never been to Africa.  Get to know her.  Get to know her stories.  Pray for her.  Pray for the kids.  Let God gloriously break your heart for what breaks His.  Dive in!
Alison isn’t going at this alone.
Our friend Elise is also going!
{please check out her blog & story it’s AMAZING!!}
and they are meeting up with Tara who has been there for over a year!
{Tara and Innocent}
{oh and this is where they will live! photo by Tara}
Tara has an AMAZING blog.  
It’s one that I get so excited when she posts.
and she’s started a big new adventure!
it’s called No. 41
{photo from Tara’s blog}
it’s a sewing school she has started with some of the girls from Noel.
teaching them a craft, teaching them how to earn & save money, inviting them into her home every day.
she is loving it, they are loving it and WE can be a part of it!!!!
You can visit Tara’s blog to read the stories and see how you can give.
Last she posted they still needed (along with a note from her!)
 If you would like to help out, here are just a few ways: Our wish list includes 3 more sewing machines ($120, each) 11 chairs ($10, each), a cutting/ironing table ($50), 2 irons ($20, each), a bookshelf to keep all of our materials ($100) and we’ll always need more fabric. 🙂 Thank you so much! God has so faithfully provided for this project, over and over, and I know that He will continue to do so.
There you have it.
how YOU can be a part of what God is doing through Tara, Alison & Elise at Noel.
give. pray. go.
text, facebook or email me if you are in Midland & would love to come help us sell sell sell tomorrow or Saturday!!!!

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