our girls. and greenlight.

sponsorship is such a special thing.
we love our sponsor kids all over the world & love the connection it has brought us with them and their countries.
I’m trying to get us all organized with our sponsor kids so we can better pursue a relationship with them!
but for now I want to tell you about our Bright Hope (Project 61) sponsor girls!

We met Tsion & Abenezer last summer on our Visiting Orphans trip.  Tsion LOVED Stephen & I have several pictures of them together.  We remember meeting Abenezer & she’s in 1 or 2 pictures with Stephen but we didn’t know her well.  We got home from our trip & wanted to be a part of what Project 61 was doing to bring a good education, a good meal/day, spiritual guidance, tutoring, and fun summer activities to children in the community of Korah.  We’ve been sponsoring them since last August, and I had the great opportunity to SEE them on my last visit to Korah in January.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if they would remember me or know who I was.  I hadn’t ever had a conversation with Abenezer & Tsion was more of Stephen’s friend (while I was with all the big boys!).  But right when our van pulled up to Korah they were WAITING for me by the van.  It was so sweet!  Right when I stepped off the van they each had a hand and we were off!  I honestly was so surprised, but I know I shouldn’t have been.  I know how much sponsorship means to them.  I know they have our pictures & our letters in their home and think of us as much as we think of them.  It was like I was being reunited with my long lost daughters.  Oh how I love these girls.  and get this – THEY are best friends.  They go to church together & their moms work together.  We “randomly” chose to sponsor both of them not knowing how close friends they were.  I love that.

Honestly, not having my boys around – I really got to spend time with these girls and I loved every second of it.  It was a very different Korah experience than my last trip but I knew God had something good in store.  I got to watch them perform all their Christmas songs, we painted nails, they fixed my hair, we prayed, I got to hear about their families, I took a note from Abenezer to her brother at Shashamene, we really did have a great time together!

I got the great opportunity to meet some of their family this trip!  Both of their moms and brothers!  What a treat to get to know the people that love them most.  

Sponsorship really is an amazing thing.  Remember when I talked about those curtians I don’t need – this makes it all worth it.  

so WHY am I telling you this??
2 reasons.
1. my life long friend Melissa & her hubby are GOING on a trip to Korah with Visiting Orphans this summer for the first time & one of the things that prompted them was the relationship they have with their sponsor boy! Now they get to MEET! 
2. you know give1save1?  well, they/we (I am about to start blogging for them!) have an awesome opportunity with a community IN Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!  It’s an organization through Children’s HopeChest & we have been assigned this community of kiddos to sponsor!

Let me tell you a little about Greenlight. It’s a drop-in center, which means they take in about 80 kids and provide everything they need because their parents can’t. They are not available for adoption, but that’s the beauty. These kids are not yet orphans, but they are what orphans are made out of. Their parents are still with them and love them very much, but poverty makes people very vulnerable. We know all too well that it often splits up families over there. Today and tomorrow is about prevention.
These sponsorships are a most tangible way to provide for these kids most basic needs. The drop in provides food, clothing, discipleship, education, everything. You can provide that for $32 a month. And that might seem like more than you can spare right now (it did to me), but sometimes we just could use a perspective change to see that that is most likely not the case. I don’t know your financial situation right now, so this is something I’d love for you to pray about today and tomorrow. Because tomorrow, one by one, I’m going to show you the names and faces of some little girls that need help in Greenlight. It’s a one to one, personal sponsorship. You will mean alot to these kids. And the sponsorships are life saving and life changing.

So far (through give1save1 blog), 10 kids have been sponsored.

this is our little guy….
He’s 9.
He’s in 2nd grade and I”m in love.  I mean seriously, look at that smile! 
I really really look forward to getting the chance to MEET him next time we are in Addis.  How cool is that?
you can be a part of it too! 
One of these little guys could be YOUR sponsor son…..

Something Beth said on the blog that keeps playing in my head is this….
 “I’ve been learning (painfully) lately that my stuff is dragging me down and the only solution is to get rid of my money!”

so…if you are interested in sponsoring – email me (wynne.elder@gmail.com) or Beth (b.cupitt@yahoo.com)

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  1. I am so blown away by you and your love affair with Africa – I love being picked up by the current!!!


  2. Oh, and thanks for the shout out! Every time you mention me I feel like I am famous/a celebrity/I expect my next call to be from People magazine wanting to do a profile on me :). hahaha

  3. Lauren says:

    I love you and I love your heart. We’ve got to catch up soon! I feel like my life is spinning out of control lately with so much going on! But I think about you all the time and pray for your sweet kiddos!!!

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