praying the promises.

i’m still in central texas.
it’s been 11 days.
it’s been fresh air.
to get away, spend time with friends + family.

but more than all of that, it’s somehow given me fresh eyes & a new passion for the Word of God.

I’ve been sitting in one of my favorite waco coffee shops (holla common grounds!) spending time in prayer & in the Word and I just had to start this Monday out with some promises from gods word.

A few weeks ago, Mike Goeke (from our church, Stonegate Fellowship) taught about spending time in the scriptures.  and writing down the promises of god as you are studying the Word and I’ve been doing it and it’s been amazing.

from my reading in Isaiah 43 (Austin Stone’s REAP plan)

We were created for Gods glory

we were formed and made by the Lord

we are Gods witnesses

There is NO ONE but God – not before or after

The Lord is my REDEEMER

He is doing a NEW thing

We were formed BY God 
that we might DECLARE his praise

He BLOTS OUT our transgressions
(for his own sake!)


Rest and trust in these beautiful promises this week

Hey, I'm Wynne!

Hi, friend! First, I truly am so giddy that you are here. I want you to know I 100% believe in you and all the ways you are growing towards living a more intentional life. I can’t wait to get to know you and your story, and I genuinely hope you are encouraged from our time together here. A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my three kids.
Welcome, come on in!

let'e be friends

  1. Jenny says:

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing… what a wonderful reflection to begin the week! 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing… what a wonderful reflection to begin the week! 🙂

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