it’s been a blast since I’ve been in central texas to get the chance to make it to 2 weekends of baylor baseball.

if you know me in real life, you know I am a full fledged baylor baseball supporter.
I blame Haley Carpenter (who by the way has a fabulous blog here) for this.  growing up without brothers, I was subjected to growing up with my best friend Haley and HER brothers.  who are like my brothers.  anyway, her & I were drug around the state when we were young to her older brother greg’s select baseball games (even having to eat lunch at hooters with the team one day! ha).  This started my love affair with baseball.  It didn’t hurt that my high school boyfriend & a college boyfriend were baseball players.  but, that’s all in the past!  ha.  Stephen even proposed to me at baylor ballpark!
to the present.
baylor made it to the post season.  ranked #4 no less.
we hosted a regional, then a super regional.
I was blessed to go to 4 of those games!
the only problem with my love affair with baseball is that I am terrified of the ball.
and our seats are right on the first base line.  so right handed batters are up – I”m on the defense.
back in the day I was mortified on national television when a foul ball came my way at the big 12 tournament in OKC and I jumped in my neighbors lap as the ball hit my seat, and then again in Cape Cod at a Cheatam A’s game when a foul ball hit the port-a-potty right before I walked out of it.  geez!
So I am afraid.
jumping every time the bat hits the ball.
terrified a foul ball is going to hit me square in the head.
so the first regional game I couldn’t even enjoy the game because I was so scared.
I was talking to my bff Brynn’s mom, Tayna, who came to sit by me and I made a comment at the end of the game about how afraid I was & how it sorta was like life.
I was onto something.
I began to think about baseball, like life.
I seriously almost didn’t go to the next game out of fear.
but then I thought – what if, like baseball, I didn’t take any risks out of fear?
What if I was so afraid of being hit by the ball, that I didn’t enjoy or expierence all this life has to offer?
was the risk really that scary?
I decided to go to the second game.
and I”m glad we did because we won & made it to the super regional.  it was a really exciting game & believe it or not I didn’t flinch every time the ball was hit.
and at the games this weekend, I hardly ever flinched.  I enjoyed the game.  I enjoyed the risk.  I took the risk and am glad i did.

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