celebration friday.


friday in korah is celebration day.
the last day of the week – the day teams get to celebrate with the kids of Korah!
the gospel was shared – goats were slaughtered – meat was eaten!
the best part was just singing with my friends.  taking pictures.  feeling like it was home.
sitting in the new building and singing worship songs while the kids feasted.

{thank you Kari Gibson for the photos!}
going to Sesay (a leaper) house with the Gibsons to pray and signing “amazing grace” as tears filled my eyes.  
celebrating at kaldis with the skeeter family – as they passed court today!
nothing spectacuarly special – just felt more like home today.

I wrote that one of the first Fridays I was in Korah.
and looking back, I know why it felt like a celebration.
that week, we watched 4 young boys be lead to the Lord.  
This particular week, our “tiny team” was responsible for doing the bible lesson, worship & teaching time with the kids in Korah.  Mama Kiki and Stephen came up with the story of David & Goliath – and they boldly went on and taught it as they acted it out.  
towards the end, Mama Kiki (aka Kari Gibson) boldly asked the kids if anyone wanted to receive Jesus that day.  
as a few of them raised their hands, she motioned to me and the rest of the girls and asked us to go sit with a kid who raised their hand and pray the sinners prayer with them.
so I went into the crowd & sat by this precious boy.

I was so full of emotion during the prayer & afterwards couldn’t wait to talk to him and find out more of his story.
well, turns out his name is China & he’s one of the kids I’d been LOOKING FOR all summer, as his sponsors are good friends of mine in Midland!  
God is so good & I was overwhelmed by His details this day.
you can read the story on Kari’s blog here
thank you Kari for the pics 🙂 
THIS is what it’s all about.  
celebrating God bringing these precious children into His family.

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