shop responsibly.

I am a passionate person & if there is something I like (read:love!) I will tell you about it.
especially if by buying it you can both look cute AND help create a sustainable living for vulnerable men & women all over the world.
Obviously, you have heard me talk about my involvement with Noonday Collection.
it’s been a BLAST to be an ambassador, to get people involved and educated about how you can shop responsibly, fundraise for our adoption, meet our artisans from Rwanda+Uganda+Ethiopia, connect with people from all over, and look pretty dang cute doing it all.
I got to meet with the artisans in Ethiopia & have told the stories through a facebook album — you can check it out here.  I’ll leave you with one quick story to leave you hanging….
“Embemebet is 26 years old and has been working for Entoto making jewelry for 6 years. She came to the mountain 9 years ago when she discovered she had the virus. Unlike most women who come to the mountain from far away, Embemebet grew up in the capital city of Addis Ababa. Her journey
wasn’t very far to the mountain, but it was still a painful journey.Her previous husband didn’t tell her he was HIV+ and she didn’t find out until he passed.
Her current husband came to the mountain for the
same reason as her & they met at church on the mountain. He is a labor worker and works wherever work is avaliable. They have been
married 5 years and they have a miracle baby together, Yabsera – who is 7 months old. They suffered the loss of two babies before him, and
I have no doubt that God has blessed this couple for their love & devotion to him.”
This is a REAL woman, yall!  with a family.  and she is precious and beautiful, and she makes items like this one….
go on over to my Noonday site & check out this beautiful pair of earrings ( ancient ways earrings, $38) and the other beautiful items we sell made my artisans like Embemebet! 
(and check out the Fall look book….you might see a familiar face on page 37)
SOOOOOOO  besides being in love with ALL things Noonday… are some other awesome things I’ve purchased lately 🙂  ENJOY…..
My new Warby Parker “Beckett” glasses!
when you buy a pair, you give a pair!
“Warby Parker works with experienced non-profit partners to ensure that each sale of our frames will give someone in need access to affordable glasses.”
get your own Warbys here.
These fabulous shoes were handmade by artisans in Panama.
from the website,
When you purchase a pair, you are empowering women artisans to continue living their traditional lifestyle and protecting the heritage of this art form.”
Check out my Kuna Kicks by Teysha, here.
now go on, shop responsibly.  
and add your favorite finds on my pinterest page here


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