goodies that give.

It’s NO secret that I have developed an extreme passion for “responsible shopping” as I like to call it.

I know that everyone hasn’t jumped on the band wagon yet, but hopefully this post will inspire you to look beyond your normal buying habits and gifting that gives! 

Our culture is to spend spend spend, so if we are going to spend  – why not give beautiful items that you know are giving life to people all over the world that truly need it?  I feel like when you think of “fair trade” you think of something ugly & hokey that you buy just because “it helps someone”
but there is a new thing happening – and that is there are absolutely beautiful things that you can purchase that will do much more for our world than buying big brands.
and, it really tells a story.

I used to only wear forever 21 jewelry, but now it’s so much more fun to start the “where did you get that” conversation with, “oh it was hand made in Ecuador by artisans who harvested this seed from the rainforest” or “oh you like my purse? it is made of recycled VHS tapes by special needs adults in new dehli”.  It really does start conversations about much more than shopping.
a great opportunity for me to share what I’m passionate about with the random stranger at the grocery store.

that’s why I got so involved with Noonday.  I truly believe with my whole heart in what we do – giving artisans all over the world LIFE through money to send their kids to school, pay for medical expenses, put food on the table and other basic things we sometimes take for granted in the first world.
and not to mention the confidence and reward it brings them simply to know a skill/trade & make a living for their family by working!

the good news is, you don’t have to be all jesus-hippie-weirdo (like us) to buy and rock these items.
so why not?  go for it!  make a difference in the world simply by the way you shop & the items you wear everyday!  why not this Christmas — give goodies that give!  

I’ve teamed up with two of my best gal pals to bring you our Christmas purchase with a purpose lists this year.
Be sure to check out Alison’s blog & Jenna’s blogs for their fabulous pics!

No. 41
you probably have heard me talk about this!  This time last year, my good friend Alison and I were about to hop on a plane to Rwanda & Ethiopia.  It was her first time.  She fell so in love with Rwanda, felt Gods call to move there, found a roommate and now is running No. 41 with Tara!  They have a beautiful dream and vision for both giving the older girls who aged out of the orphanage a job/trade and providing local school kids with a nutritious meal every day!  A sewing school was born & they make all sorts of beautiful items: backpacks (for the kids!), bags (for you!), and necklaces for all.  What an amazing thing to marry the two – the money you spend on buying your items with not only helps the No.41 girls, but also primary school students in Rwanda!  Order by December 16th for Christmas delivery.   

When you buy a No.41 backpack, you are also providing a backpack for a primary school student in Rwanda. Backpacks are handmade by our new partnering women’s co-op in Gisenyi, Rwanda. All bags are made with African iktenge fabric and standard Rwandan school uniform material.
*Each will vary due to the handmade nature.
(me & my signature bag)
Your No.41 Signature Bag is handmade with love by young women in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Your purchase not only provides a stable job and sustainable income, you are also providing lunch for local secondary school students. FOR ONE child, FOR ONE meal, FOR ONE year.

I met the fabulous designers and dreamers of Kuna Kicks at Austin City Limits festival of all places.  I fell in love with their story, their passion & their product!  My Kuna Kicks have since become a favorite of mine.  They are handmade by artisans in Panama & support the Global Village Initiative.  I wear mine all the dang time.  Each pair is unique and no 2 pair are alike!  They are available here.  (they do run true to size and I swear are the most comfortable ballet flats ever – I normally can’t wear them b/c my foot is so narrow, but these fit me perfectly!)This is the most exciting thing!  My friends at Teysha are offeringa $20 coupon to my readers on their website!  Just enter “Giving

Life” at checkout! order by December 19th for Christmas delivery

me & my kuna kicks 😉

It’s no secret that the 3 of us girlies love our warby parkers.  and i would be lying if I said I didn’t go to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked JUST so I could rock a pair of these beautifully stylish specs.  The good news is, when you buy a pair they give a pair!  and they send you a at home (FREE) try on box so you can pick your favorite pair to purchase.  (I went with the top left – the Beckett). go on….try em on yourself! click here.

Yall know the adoption film that’s gonna tell our story?  It’s through Fotolanthropy.  They are an amazing non profit that tells real stories of real people.  (and it’s all really inspirational).  Fotolanthropy’s sister is Fotostrap.  These beautiful and comfortable camera straps not only help YOU look fabulous, but a portion of the proceeds go towards helping make the films & giving that precious gift to the families they serve (including us!)  I have the leather strap & the golden strap 😉 any mom, hobbyist or professional camera lover in your life would love you for it.
your gifts could give life (literally.)
for more ideas, visit my Pinterest board here.
be sure to visit Jennas blog here
and Alisons blog here

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