Welcome Home Camp + Asher

After a long 31 hour trip, we were so ready to be HOME!
In the adoption world, the “airport party” is something you DREAM about.
being welcomed home by your closest friends + family
everyone showing up with signs and balloons, smiling and crying and ready to meet your new babes.

and THIS party did not disappoint.

my mom & dad waiting upstairs
(we had our immediate family upstairs so they could be the FIRST to meet/see/welcome Camp + Asher)
here we come!
such a moment to be celebrated!!!!
a highly anticipated moment for me (literally, a moment dreamed about for 2 years!)
all decked out in their shirts!
and with their signs!
one of my best friends, Allison, has been through ALL the trying-to-start-a-family stuff with me.
she went through the bad & the ugly so it was so fun to celebrate the GOOD!!
so special!  my other Alison!  so fun to see the joy on my friends faces!
love this picture for so many reasons.  that’s me & my mentor, Becca.  her daughter Katie was the one who “started it all” as we say.  such a special moment!  and LOVE that the kids were the first to run up!  thanks Dustin for this treasured image.
Sommer recently told me this, “Thank you for the 20+!!! questions K has about your little ones. Thank you for answering so many yourself & for the invaluable lesson she is learning about the words #orphan #redemption and love that I could never teach her without YOUR story. Here is to the incredible gift of making me..us..the Bledsoe’s…personally apart if your story! Gloriously ruined!!!”
Holly & I started this process at the same time in 2010.  We went to the first adoption conference together – the one when God really spoke to Stephen.  SO fun to have our first picture of my Asher & her Moses (although you can’t really see his face! ha)
2016-01-13_0007 2016-01-13_0006
this hug.  I could cry just thinking about it.  Jenna is my adoption soul sister.  well she’s my soul sister, adoption just brought us together.  and this moment.  well, it was long awaited for.
my accountability.  my bible study girls.  my life long friends.  what started as a “no kids” thing has now become a “new kids” thing.  and I”m so very grateful to experience motherhood with you two.
family!  stephen’s side.
my fam.
the WHOLE gang.
how humbling is it to have this many of your friends show up to welcome, support and love on your two newest little ones?!?!
God is ABLE to do immeasurably more than ALL we can ask or imagine!
Ephesians 3:20

All photographs by Mallory Buck for Fotolanthropy and Dustin Bryson.
so thankful & so excited that they came alongside of us and are helping us tell our story.
read more on fotolanthropy blog
and I’ll let you know when our FILM is out!
** and read the story & see the images of the day we MET the kids via fotolanthropy**

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  1. Oh my!!! I love this! The tears just flow! I’m so happy for you guys!!! What a wonderful story!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE seeing international adoption airport pics! They’re glorious! 🙂

  3. ThistleAshD says:

    Again. Love that I found your story and get to see what God is doing in your lives.

  4. Emily Kate says:

    My word, what ridiculously gorgeous babies! Love these photos and the lil community you have around you, as a foster momma and a momma with a burden for the forgotten, I looove this. Thanks for sharing and congrats momma!:D

  5. Ruthie Hart says:

    Wynne I had tears in my eyes through all the installments of Camp and Ashers story… I am SO glad you wrote them down… you have no idea how many people are feeling so joyful reading your convicting and amazing story. I am praying for a happy, healthy and FUN 2013 for your family of 4!!

  6. just finished reading all these posts about your story! tears streaming down my face, had a couple good laughs and am filled with joy and a sweet reminder of the goodness if God. Love you sweet friend and am SO happy for you!

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