Anybody Story # 4 Beth Cupitt

I am so excited to introduce you to my good friend Beth today!  Beth is a fellow Texan, but we met in real life in Ethiopia.  She started a little something you might have heard me talk about, Give1Save1.  That was an amazing God thing, but now the Lord has lead her to step down from running that full time, now that her son Jude is home! and He put the amazing opportunity in front of her for her + her husband to be the sponsorship coordinators for a community in Ethiopia called Greenlight (through Children’s Hope Chest).  See, it’s so cool how He puts those opportunities in front of us and all we have to do is be obedient and say yes!  Beth is for sure using her gifts + talents for good!  I’m excited to hear her words + be challenged (I know I am!).

Any body can change the world: I’m just a sponsor. 

[Beth & her recently home from Ethiopia son, Jude.  fun fact: I was the one that took this picture the day after they met in Ethiopia!]

It may seem like a little thing, but it truly changes lives. I’ve been sponsoring the same little boy in Swaziland for five years and it really didn’t mean that much to me and to be honest, I didn’t really think it meant that much to him either. I thought that my $35 a month was helping, but not really sure what it did. I just figured I could part with that much. Over the last few years I’ve been woken up to the reality of third world poverty. Sometimes I do wish I could sell all I own and give it away and live in a mud hut in Africa. I really do! But, alas, that is not my calling right now, and it’s actually sort of hard to accept. Right now I’m in a season of hands-on mothering to three little ones. And mothering is not exactly like seeing lives saved and restored and turned around in front of your face. It’s more like doing laundry and agonizing over the amount of protein in your toddlers snack. And though I know with certainty that that’s the place for me, I’m not indifferent to the suffering around the world and the knowledge that a small bit from me can make a big life change for someone else. More so than I ever thought possible. 

[sponsored momma, Mulu, through Because Every Mother Matters and her son]

About a year ago I read an article on the World Vision blog. They send these little cards and all you have to do is sign them and send them back and your sponsored child will get it from you. Sometimes I did them, but most of the time I didn’t. I just thought they weren’t very personal and I was too busy to go to the post office. For real. But in this article they said that they don’t deliver your letters and packages to their “houses” individually. (Duh, why had I never though of that?!) They deliver the Christmas cards and Easter cards and all those little things that they send to you and want you to send back, they deliver those at school all at once. Did your jaw just drop, cause mine did. And my stomach sank. The kids that get cards are special and loved, and the kids that didn’t… 

I’ve gotten a letter recently from my little guy’s uncle. He said that he prays for us and kisses my picture every single day. How sweet is that? I’m truly important to him and he cherishes any little thing I say or send. I’ve gotten a letter from a mother that we sponsor through Because Every Mother Matters that literally says “Before I get sponsorship my life was miserable. When I get you it all changes. From your money I rent a house, I feed myself, I feed my child. When you come here you will see our changes!” Someday I plan to. 

[Samrawit, sponsored through Children’s Hope Chest, Greenlight in Ethiopia]

Sponsorship might just seem like parting with a few extra bucks that you might have pissed away at Target, but it really makes the world a different place for someone.  

So Wynne won’t let me off without challenging you. So here’s today’s challenge. 

If you don’t have a kid to sponsor, consider doing it. 

 I could show you a million reputable agencies. So could Wynne. Ask away. The cost is normally $30-$35 a month. And if you have a child that you sponsor, you’re not off the hook. You’re challenge is to pray for your child right now, and then communicate with them. Send them a letter or a little care package. It would mean so very much. You could change the world for one, too. 

[this is my little guy from Greenlight, Keneisa and I’m going to write him a letter now!]

If you’d like to chat with me about child sponsorship I’d love to answer any of your questions. My email is and my blog is . My husband and I are the coordinators with Children’s Hope Chest for a carepoint in Ethiopia called Greenlight. We have 63 kids and all but two are sponsored. If you’re interested, let me know. 

so, how about it friends… about we get Beth’s LAST TWO children sponsored?!?! 

also, on my child sponsorship page I have a list of organizations we sponsor children through.  


Hey, I'm Wynne!

Hi, friend! First, I truly am so giddy that you are here. I want you to know I believe in you and all the ways you are growing towards living a more intentional life.  I genuinely hope you are encouraged from our time together here.

A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my four kids.
Welcome, come on in!

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  1. Our journey says:

    We just started a sponsorship with Greenlight a few weeks ago and just wrote our first letter to our little guy over there! I’m so excited to build a relationship with him! His picture is on our fridge and I love walking by it and wondering what he’s doing…he’s already changing our lives 🙂 I really love this series Wynne! I get so excited to see when a new “Anybody” pops up 🙂

    • Wynne Elder says:

      I love that Steph! ps- missed you SO MUCH this weekend!!! i love that you said yes, were obedient & now are doing something about it and forming an amazing relationship. beth has encouraged ME to be more intentional with the kids we sponsor so this weekend i’m going to finish writing them all! so exciting!

  2. Shay says:

    Thanks for the challenge! I just wrote my sponsored child in Uganda.

    Wynn, I love this series. Keep up the great work!

  3. Desiree says:

    Love this. It is hard to be at home, when our hearts are all in Africa. This was tough for me too at first. I love that we can indeed change others by sponsorship – there are so many different opportunities and programs. 🙂

  4. I love her! We love sponsorship too!! 😀

  5. Jenny Marrs says:

    Oh, Beth! I just LOVE you so, friend! you are truly changing the world and inspiring others to stand beside you while you do it!! I love, love, love that you are in this incredible new role and challenging others to sponsor and pray and send letters to their sponsored kiddos. Sponsorship is such an amazing way to change the lives of these precious kiddos and their families!! Thank you, Wynne for sharing Beth’s story! 🙂 I love this series!!

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