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It’s no secret that I am passionate about using our purchasing power for good(link here)  Noonday helps me do JUST that.  not only sell jewelry and accessories (and home goods!) but TELL STORIES.  stories that change the way we think about shopping fair trade.  stories that change  US!
{you too can be a voice for the oppressed!}
One thing that has been pretty major in my gloriously ruined life, is Noonday.  The very first adoption conference we went to (the one Stephen said YES to adoption!) I was instantly drawn to the Noonday display table.  You see, I love accessories.  When I go into a store, that’s the first thing I go for.  and my eyes were beginning to be opened to purchasing with purpose.  I was so drawn to the beautiful pieces and more than that the stories (imagine that!).  I remember meeting Jessica (the founder) and just wanting to know more!  Once we officially started the adoption process, I contacted her about hosting a trunk show to raise money for our adoption (that is still one of my favorite things about Noonday!)  There wasn’t an ambassador where I was, so she sent me a box.  and let me tell you, it took off like WILDFIRE.  Everyone loved it.  They loved getting beautiful pieces, knowing that they were making a difference in the lives of these artisans around the world, and helping me bring my baby (at the time, just 1!) home.  
precious friends who hosted my first party!
well, from there it was all God.  I was asked to be a part of the brand new ambassador program and the rest is history.  One of the coolest parts of my Noonday experience is getting to go with the founder, Jessica, to meet and work with our artisans in Uganda + Rwanda last fall.
Jessica is like an older sister to me, and so Noonday has meant that much more.  She is a strong role model, mentor and example in my life.  In fact, most of what I thought of when God put the ANYBODY campaign in my lap were stories SHE told me of her friends (and her!) living missionally right where they were.
back to africa.  I traveled with her first to Uganda and we got to stay with the lead artisans there, Jalia & Daniel who run African Style.  I wrote a pretty raw post right when I got home here.  a little about them:
They believe in miracles. They believe in healing & deliverance. They are God fearing. They love the name of Jesus more than their own name. Their lives are dedicated to serving others. They understand others because they’ve been there. They’ve been so poor they had to sell their only bible to buy food. They know what it’s like to be content: to be in want & to have plenty. They, like Paul, are content.
They set their minds on things above.
I also met Bukenya & Caleb.  and boy do they have a story.  I wrote about it here.
they are making a huge difference to the kingdom of god, all through making the beautiful necklaces and bracelets we wear around town every day.
KINGDOM impact.
I really could go on.  to the women I met in Rwanda that started a sewing school to make things for Noonday. and my girl Grace that we sponsor to get through school so she can make a good living.
I sat in Jennifer’s (in yellow) living room in Kigali and listened as Jessica poured her heart out to these women.  as she told them they THEY represent Jack (her adopted from Rwanda son) birth mother.
I heard their stories, I saw their passion and excitement for learning and now I see them succeeding because of YOU!
I just casually mentioned it, but on this trip I also got to go with Jessica + Joe to meet their Jack.
Jack is the reason Noonday Collection is around really.  What started by a simple fundraiser to bring him home, has turned into a socially based company who empowers women (and men!) all over the world and creates a pathway out of poverty!
the name Noonday came from Isaiah 51:10 “when you satisfy the needs of the oppressed your night will become like the Noonday!” 
then, this summer while I was living in Ethiopia I got the chance to meet and visit with our artisans in Ethiopia.
I got to visit their homes on entoto mountain, have coffee with them and their families and hear their stories.  I got to hear + see first hand how their job making jewelry was changing their lives.  it was providing them indeed a pathway out of poverty.  it was helping their pay their bills, get medical care + prenatal care, not have to work night shifts, spend time with their families, education for the children and an all around accomplishment to know a skill & be able to provide for your family.
(coffee ceremonies are a big deal in ethiopia!)
read Embembet story & others on my facebook page here.
so. you kinna get it now?
I just want people to know they they can SUPPORT artisans all over the world & look fabulous while doing it.  “fair trade” isn’t what what you always thought it was.  it’s beautiful fabulous pieces that you would wear if you saw them at a high end boutique & had no idea of the story.
but the STORY is what makes it beautiful.
being able to speak on their behalf when you are at the grocery store or a football game.
you are WEARING their stories + advocating on their behalf just by purchasing their items.
SO….you wanna shop?  You can always visit my Noonday site here.  (also linked on the sidebar)
but I thought I’d do a little giveaway to get your blood pumping!
You can WIN this fabulous bone carved polygon necklace (made in India) by entering the give away!  you have until Friday the 11th!  
worn here by Chloe Jordan.
visit my Noonday Collection site to look around!  and if you are in the Midland area, contact me to book a trunk show this spring.
ps I’m totally tagging along when Jess goes to India!  jess, please!

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continue the noonday blog giveaway train tomorrow with Katie Getz here.

***ps- in case you missed it yesterday, check out the launch of our ANYBODY campaign here.

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  1. Desiree says:

    I love the trays from Guatemala!!! 🙂

  2. Tara says:

    i LOVEEEE my gold chevron dangle earrings from napal. :]

  3. Lisa Beech says:

    The yellow jade chimes necklace from Nepal is amazing. Sending you some fair trade <3.

  4. Chevron dangle earrings from Nepal and carved cuff from Haiti are my current favorites!

  5. ~Heather~ says:

    I love the Zeway earrings from Ethiopia, I love that they are a piece of beauty now bringing hope, rather than the pieces of war. Just as we have been repurposed from darkness to light-bearing for Him. Love your blog, and being a life ruined! 🙂

  6. tasha says:

    so inspired by your post, wynne!

  7. Kara M says:

    I have and love the patchwork clutch from India!

  8. Kate Ruygrok says:

    Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures and linking to the stories from your visits. Beautiful!

  9. Carley says:

    I love the knotted nobility necklace from Ethiopia!!

  10. Robinanne says:

    The bags…love the bags!

  11. Would love to win such a beautiful piece!

  12. Stormy says:

    I love my coin necklace from India. Thank you for this post its amazing!

  13. Stormy says:

    I love my coin necklace from India. Thank you for this post its amazing!

  14. Kelly says:

    India for sure! Thanks for sharing your heart and such beautiful images!

  15. Meaghan says:

    Love the bracelet from Ethiopia!

  16. Jen says:

    It’s been so fun to follow the blog train and hear everyone’s stories! Thank you for doing this. Loved reading about your experience with Noonday.

  17. Dawn says:

    What an inspiring post! You gals are doing great work!

  18. Uganda!
    The jewelry and other crafts are all so beautiful with beautiful stories!

  19. QueenLos says:

    I Love Noon Day, twice I have almost signed up to become and ambassador but am afraid I don’t ahve the time to dedicate to it! But it really changed for me when I went to Entoto Mountain and met the artisans it just made it all the more meaningful for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Noon Day!

  20. silence says:

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  21. ellen says:

    I love the crocheted juxtaposition earrings– so cute! They’re handmade in Austin by Hill Country Hill Tribers, a group of refugees who fled Burma, so they have a cool origin- the USA & Burma. Absolutely adorable!

  22. 林永辉 says:

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