What our February looks like

Well, we are going to call February our BIRTHDAY month!  We celebrated Camp’s birthday the 29th and then a few days later we celebrated our furry baby, Eli, 3rd birthday!  next month will be a continuation of birthday month with Asher’s birthday & their combined party.  But I am LOVING getting to document our month in pictures.  If you are new here, check out why I’m doing this & our January month here.

We had a little Ethiopian day complete with coffee ceremony followed by a gotcha day party for our sweet friend Emme.  wrote about it here.
I went to the amazing Created for Care adoptive momma retreat for the second year in a row.  God really spoke & I”m still trying to soak it all in.  but it was a weekend of refreshment and encouragement and hearing from the Lord.  more here.
Our big boy turned ONE on the 29th!  we had a day full of celebrating, ice cream, party hats and balloons!  what a special day to celebrate our boy.
I wrote him a birthday letter you can find here.


in our family, we celebrate our dogs birthdays too!  so with Eli’s birthday right after Camp’s, we had to continue our birthday tradition of taking him to McDonalds for a happy meal!  this is always such a fun tradition and the dogs love it too!  eli even shared a few friends with his sister Milly 😉
our sweet babes got dedicated at church!  it was a special special night that we’d be waiting for anxiously for a long time.  a chance to tell our church family that we were committed to raising them in a godly home.  amazing to see friends and family stand with us in support of us.   post here.
Besides all the birthdays + dedication, we had fun doing other things too.  going for walks, meeting friends and neighbors at the park [must take my camera next time], lots of starbucks drive thru.  Bunni came in town to play and we went to Barnes & Nobel and shopping.  and besides all that we had fun just hanging at the house!
this boy will find a BOOK anywhere he goes!  even a 500 page camera manual!  snooze….
and my sweet Asher remains obsessed with the dogs.  milly is sweet + doesn’t run away from her anymore.  eli on the other hand…
and to continue our goal of taking a picture of the kids every week!
[except we missed a week when momma was out of town]




well friends, that concludes my “what our February looks like”.  really it was half of January & half of February.  but I am LOVING doing this.  keeps me motivated to take pictures of our everyday life.  stay tuned for next month 🙂

Be sure to go check out my friend Lyndsey’s post herehttp://pinkcoffeephoto.com/blog/2013/02/13/what-our-february-looks-like/.  

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