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Something that I am really passionate about is FUNDRAISING.  yep, you read that right.  most people hate it, get scared of it, hate asking for money, but I LOVE IT!  I did work in fundraising in the non profit sector so maybe that’s why I like it more than the normal person.but really because I think of it not as “fund” raising but PEOPLE raising.  Because although when you are adopting or going on a mission trip, yes you need the cash but you also need the support.  You need PEOPLE to back you up, support you, pray for you, encourage you.So I look as it more of an OPPORTUNITY for the person giving than a burden.Because it is!  I think there are a lot of people that aren’t in the position or season to adopt or go on a mission trip but their HEART is….so what better way for THEM to get involved than for them to be on YOUR TEAM?  It really is a win win.  You know how they say it’s better to give than to receive?  Well I believe it – the ones who give end up being blessed beyond measure.So now that we’ve got THAT out of the way.  I wanted to start giving some basic ideas!  I could do about 10 posts on this, so this is just the beginning.  There are SO MANY resources out there.  Like Lauren’s links here.  or this list here (ultimate list of adoption fundraisers).

I also have a pinterest board for adoption/missions fundraisers I’ve seen – might be a good place to get ideas.  board link HERE.

  • [mission trip fundraising] Send out a letter!  or better yet, do it as an email.  if you have a mac, make it look pretty in pages.  put pictures in there, prayer requests, what you’ll be doing, when and where you are going and how much it’s going to cost.  also put an deadlines.  Email it {bcc people} to friends/family/coworkers/etc  The people that give will SURPRISE you, so don’t leave someone off because you “think” they won’t give.  This is your chance to give them that opportunity to give!
  • [mission/adoption] Have a garage sale!  this is simple.  a lot of work, but worth it.  get your friends/your family/your church small group involved and ask them to give you the items they might already be getting ready to donate.  make a fun weekend out of it & make sure to advertise that it’s a fundraiser!
  • [mission/adoption] one of our favorite things was T-Shirts!  We made them for our adoption but lots of people have made them for their mission trips.  it brings $ AND awareness which is awesome.  this deserves it’s own post, but find a designer/printer and make a free store on  set up your paypal and bam!
  • [mission trip] ask your church if they have a scholarship you can apply for.  our church gives up to $500 per person/per year to church members going on missions.  contact your missions department!
  • I love to encourage people to use THEIR gifts to fundraise.  for example, I am a photographer – so I usually do mini sessions specifically for fundraisers.  I think people like knowing that’s what it’s for too!  you don’t have to be a pro to do these things – what’s your hobby?  do you like to paint?  make some prints & sell them.  do you cook?  make a pdf cookbook to email out.  do you babysit?  set something up for the entire month all your babysitting $ goes towards your mission trip.  do you sew?  sew something people want!  people love to have something TANGIBLE.  it gives them something back for their support, and it’s something they can be reminded to pray for you!
Ok, I have many more ideas so stick around for round 2.
and be sure to visit all the resources I have listed on my fundraising page HERE.  there are some awesome people that help YOU fundraise for their job!  so why not take advantage of their help?
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  1. Megan Bowker says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! Fund raising is something that not very many people like to talk about. My family and I are gearing up to move to Ireland to be long-term missionaries there. We are beginning the support raising process THIS MONTH! We have all of our materials (mostly) ready to go and we are psyching ourselves up for it. We’ve talked to a lot of missionaries about this, and they mostly just complain about how hard and long the support raising process is. I’m sure that’s true, but I really want to enjoy and grow through it. I would say that I am apprehensively excited about the whole thing. I love people, so I’m focusing on getting to meet new people, and getting them excited and engaged in European missions, specifically the Irish people. I really appreciate your enthusiasm about this topic in a culture where you are expected to hate the process. I’ve enjoyed pursuing the links that you shared. It’s a little bit different, though, because our main focus is asking people to commit to us for 5 to 10 years! Please keep sharing this part of your heart. It’s so important!

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