What our March looks like

well, hello friends!  oh how I’ve missed you.  I have been in spring break land the past 11 days and finally feel a little caught up at home [for some reason I can’t even get on my computer until my laundry is done…weird I know]  so this post comes at the PERFECT time.  just to get ya caught up on what we’ve been up to!  and since I like to cover from the end of the month before, I’ll start with some oldies….[i’m always really thankful when I make myself sit down, upload my pictures, back them up, and digital scrapbook our month.  so thank you Cass for helping me do that through this series!]  so after you read mine, head over to Cass blog to start the blog circle!

It seemed like February was our birthday month + I still have to go through all the party pics but it was such an amazing time celebrating Camp + Asher at their party and to have family come in town and so many special friends there to celebrate with us!  and then to celebrate Asher on her actual birthday – so special!

 After crazy birthday extravaganza was the celebration of the day of LOVE, aka Valentines day.  nothing too crazy just a little afternoon play time on the porch with my little Valentines.

a mommas boy + a daddys girl!

 after Valentines the rest of Februrary was pretty chill – then March hit and boy have we been busy!

I had the opportunity to travel with two of my most precious friends, Shannon and Allison, to Dallas for the Dot Mom conference!  A big group from our church went and us three gals just might have flown up early to do a little shopping, sleeping in + eating!  it was a blast getting to spend time with them and hear some amazing teaching. [still processing, blog post to come soon]

and I traveled to Austin for Chloe’s bridal shower!  so fun to get to spend some girl time with her before her big day! isn’t she stunning?

and then lots of fun just hanging out as a family in Midland when the weather was nice!  a little park lunch date 😉

then came Spring Break 2013!  a little 11 day road trip adventure to the hill country!  first to the lake for aunt helle’s birthday + a few days hanging at the lake with Bunni!

and my long time camp mystic friend [and now africa sister!] Melissa came in for a quick visit!  always thankful for life long friendships that keep getting better!

and just lots of playing in the beautiful outdoors at the lake!

then we went into Austin for a few days to hang with friends!  we LOVED getting to be outdoors in that beautiful austin spring time sunshine spending time with some of our favorite people!

fun times introducing Andrew [best man in our wedding!] and his wife Robin to the kids!

my life long waco friends, Caroline + Catherine and our god daughter Genevieve!

and the MOST fun dinner for 22 at our fave, matts el rancho friday night.  these are my baylor girls + our people.  can’t believe we’ve grown to this big [and were missing a few!]  a crazy beautiful chaotic dinner followed by late night chats with the girls.

loved that my baylor roomies + besties Alice Anne and Mandy got to meet C+A!  and so glad I could meet Lily!  such a special night!

so much fun happening in austin….from the dinner for 22 at Matts….

to a trip to the Rodeo [my first real job outta college!] with the kids and friends!  petting zoo, live music + corn dogs!

auntie Amanda got c+ a these PRECIOUS cowboy boots and wrote scripture on the bottom!  love love love.

after a fun rest of the weekend hosting Chloe’s bachelorette party at the lake + spending some time in Fredericksburg with her girls, we ended the trip with a great Sunday as a family.  and the babies first time in the lake!  Asher was in love….

I’ll end with pics of the week!!




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  1. desiree says:

    your family is gorgeous – looks like your having a great time!!!

  2. katy says:

    looks like a great trip! SOOOO many good pictures. LOVE that last one of Asher! hope you have a restful week of playing catch-up. blessings, friend! 🙂

  3. cass miller says:

    Such a fun month you guys have had! Camp and Asher at the rodeo in their little outfits are killing me! so precious!

  4. Your babies are so beautiful inside and out. I am so excited to be a part of their lives – and am so grateful to be a part of yours! I have so many precious memories with you from the past 25+ years and I can’t wait for 25 years more!



    • Wynne says:

      love you sweet friend!! melissa, you have been there though ALL of it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. thank you for taking the time, reaching out AGAIN and AGAIN and being a part of our lives! you are such a blessing! we love you!

  5. Amanda says:

    I love your March. and I love you 🙂

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