Anybody Story #15 – Letty, Color Me Beautiful

I love this series because I love getting to tell people’s stories.  Everyone has a story!  and no matter WHAT your profession, God can USE YOU for His glory!  That’s why I love today’s story.  I met Letty when she spray tanned me for my girl Chloe’s wedding.  and she has a story to tell.  I hope it both challenges + encourages you to look at the story you have + the gifts you have and find a way to bring Him glory in it all!  Meet Letty!


Anybody can change the world: I am just a girl who listened.

My story started when I was a young girl. Although I didn’t see it then, I realize now how God was conditioning my heart to bring me to where I am today and where I am going tomorrow. I have a condition called Alopecia Areata. Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis). This was very trying as a young girl to deal with. I went through ridicule from other children and remember praying to God in tears to please let me wake up with a full head of hair. That never happened and I see now it’s because it was part of helping mold the Me I am today. As an adolescent I learned to “hide” my spots but as an adult I now accept my spots. I am not afraid of who I am anymore. I am beautifully made. I have come to the understanding that God made me exactly this way because he has a plan for me! About 2 years ago I started on the path I felt He had for me all along….

I was working your normal 8-5:00 office job and got this “idea” to start my own business. I didn’t know what,  all I knew was I had to work with women and do something to Give them the confidence they deserve to have. To make them feel  as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. To accept themselves fully as I have learned to do. I researched different options and came across airbrush tanning. I just knew this was it. I could work with women and promote safe tanning simultaneously .  I was being led! I went through the necessary steps to ensure I would be successful. I got trained, certified and started the process of promoting my new business. In the process of discovering what my business was going to be I realized this was not my idea at all…This was a calling placed in my Heart by God! At that moment I decided that I would be sure that He received ALL the glory of my business. That this business is His and I am but a humble servant. How could I ensure that he received glory from a tanning business?

I decided in 2012 I would Commit myself every month to choose a person or organization and designate a day in which I donated half of whatever I made that day all in His name. To show others the Love of Christ. What an amazing year it was… I was able to aid people who were sick, who had over came odds, people who are giving their life to spread the word in the mission field and organizations that were dear to my heart. These people inspired me! I was in awe of how amazing it felt to help others. Little did I know where this tanning business was taking me, Where He was taking me. I see the full picture now! It started with a little girl who struggled with her image to condition her heart for other women who struggle with the same which led to a bigger passion of pure GIVING! I can’t wait to see where He takes me because where He has brought me surpasses any Goals or dreams I could have set for myself!  I am committed to lifting the confidence of women and I am committed to Give back to others because I am committed to God and I am forever gloriously ruined.

My challenge: Turn down the noise of the world and listen to the whisper in your heart. Remain thirsty until you let it be quenched by His grace and love.  Forget the plans you have for your life and listen to the plan He has for you! All He asks is that we show up, so be present every second of every hour of every day.


Letty Pressler


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