What our May looks like

Sadly this month [until yesterday] I didn’t bust out my camera.  So I bring you this months edition via my iphone pics.  hey, my dad keeps telling me more pictures are taken with the iphone across the world than any other camera combined.  happy may!

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we spent a lot of time this month in Waco [my hometown].  This was a super fun family Friday – lunch at our fave spot, Food for Thought, shopping at Congress, cowboy coffee from Common Grounds + the kids first visit to see the Baylor Bears!

Camp + Asher showing off their Congress purchases.  while in Waco…. they are also not sure what to think about the grass.  everything in Waco is so green!

the real reason for this visit was to support my dad!  He was named 2013 Cotton Palace King!  This is a big deal and something that his father had the honor of doing exactly 30 years ago.  It was full of fun parties and events, dressing up, and honoring the king!  [well, at least for us!]  This was before the pageant Friday night.

Saturday was the Kings brunch!  My mom and dad had been planning this brunch for a year and it did not disappoint   My parents love New Orleans [and have visited at least once a year for the past 25+ years with their best friends, the Duncans] and this brunch had a very New Orleans feel.  From the food + drinks to the live jazz music.

Saturday night was the dinner dance!  We were for sure the youngest there by at least 15 years but we had a blast.  The roles are reversed this night – this time, it was us sitting on the sidelines watching the “old people” dance.  haha.  no but we had fun dancing with the fam and my dad even got on stage and sang a song with the band at the end of the night.  It was a successful weekend in Waco!

bright and early the next morning we loaded up the car & headed southbound on I 35 for aunt Chloe’s wedding!  It was such an honor to be in Chloe’s wedding + to have Camp and Asher be a part too! [their first wedding!]  It was nice + relaxing getting ready with her and the girls all day and it was a lovely ceremony outdoors Sunday afternoon.  This summer will mark 2 years since Chloe and I met on our first Africa mission trip – and I think it’s just so amazing that we will be friends for life just from that trip.

Camp was looking sharp!

the fam at our first wedding together!!

I finally got to go to NASHVILLE!!!  Stephen + I have been in love with this city, site unseen, for a long time.  I was thrilled when Amanda asked me to come speak on a panel with her [and Visiting Orphans] at CAFO Summit [Christian Alliance for Orphans].  Not only did we get to do all the awesome conference stuff, but we explored downtown Nashville, went to see one of her friends shows, got tattoos [that’s another post!], and went on a coffee shop tour!  Nashville is such an amazing city!

Visiting Orphans fam!  I blogged about my time at the Summit here.

Coffee shop tour!

this must have been the month for weddings!  It was an honor to be a part of Harlan + Melissa’s wedding in Fredricksburg.  Harlan and I grew up together [our parents + grandparents are both best friends] and he is like a brother to me.  It was an emotional weekend just thinking back to all those memories and looking forward to starting our new families.  Not to mention OUR kids will be the 4th generation of friends.  that’s pretty cool right?

We were all devastated when the F5 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma and many were left wondering what we could do to help.  Stephen + 4 guys pulled out of Midland that Tuesday and headed up to Oklahoma to lend a hand.  They stayed until late Friday night and this was our reunion with daddy Saturday morning!  Honestly, I was so nervous to be home by myself with the kids all week but the Lord was so sweet.  I had so much community brought to my house + I never felt alone.  I actually felt empowered as a mom more than ever seeing that I really CAN do this.  I mean, I took both kids to the grocery store TWICE!  that is a record.  I also surprised him and painted the kitchen!! [post coming soon!]

fun weekend with the fam, and our extended Midland fam celebrating Memorial day.  I’m so glad my babies love the water!

our sweet Asher girl graduated into the “walker” room at church the last weekend of May.  It felt so “big girl” when I watched her walk into her room + saw all the kids sitting at a table coloring and eating gold fish.  She came home with scripture card + a coloring page! when did my sweet little girl get so big?

sadly…only ONE weekly pic this month..I blame it on the travels….


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    Girl. I could seriously eat your kids. 🙂 They are so yummy!!! And it was fun mixing it up with just cell pics this month. Your dad is so right. 😉

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    Wynne, I just love your heart. Can we please be real life friends, already?

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