while daddy’s away….

Like I mentioned before, Stephen was gone all last week in Oklahoma.  I was so proud of him for having the courage to go.  He said he’d never felt called to do something like this before but he knew he was this time.  He honestly didn’t even ask me if it was ok.  He just left.  and by Gods grace, I was excited for him and not at all bitter that he was leaving for the week.  [actually, I didn’t know how long he was going to be gone for].  But it was a really magical week.  I was fasting from TV for our upcoming trip, and I love how God knows what we need when we need it.  Honestly, I obsess over the news when stuff like this is on.  and I couldn’t watch it.  and when Stephen is gone, I like the noise of the TV.  but I couldn’t watch it.  but it was a sweet week of COMMUNITY.  He has shown me every single time I’ve fasted from TV, that less is better.  that community is sweeter, and instead of sitting on my couch every night watching tv- I could be talking to my neighbors, or hanging out with friends on the porch.  So every time I wanted to turn the TV on for myself, someone randomly would come by.  My house was like a revolving door this week and I loved every minute of it.  I did learn that to have people over all the time, you must have enough food and drink to satisfy them.  Thankfully I had just stocked up on mac + cheese. hah.  you just never know when an impromptu wine & cheese night might happen on your porch, and you must be ready at all times.  More than anything this week, I felt empowered as a mom.  My husband is the best helpmate ever.  He’s the one who feeds me when I haven’t taken time to sit down and make something, he’s the one who goes to the grocery store to get milk when I’m out, he wakes up with the kids + makes them waffles once a week, and he just takes care of us.  I always say he’s the better mom than me.  But this week, without that help – I realized something… I was fully capable to do it myself.  Not that I don’t want his help, or need his help – but I finally realized that I could do it.  I even took JOY in doing it.  In being the one to get up every morning, being the one to take both kids to the grocery store on multiple occasions  the one to get them ready for bed + give them baths alone.  All the things I usually am annoyed that I have to do alone – I just did it.  and I felt empowered.  I felt like a real life mom and homemaker.

the Oklahoma disaster relief crew from Midland!


after day 1

porch night with the girls.

OK so this is the other exciting thing we did while daddy was away.  We’ve been talking about re-doing part of our kitchen for a while.  It was just too dark, too closed in, and the table was too small.  It’s still a work in progress but we made BIG progress this week.  I totally surprised Stephen with painting the kitchen!!  Sweet Baylie was really excited about it [it was her idea actually!] and so while Stevo was gone, we got to work!  Here’s what we started with…

the old table + paint.  actually we had a red rug in the middle of the kitchen & that rug was under the table.  I’ve been trying to get rid of the red for a while.  isn’t it weird how our styles change so quickly?

the new table!!!!  I am obsessed.  We love our Whitehouse Table Co. farmhouse table!! still working on chairs at this point….

I really wanted a chalkboard wall in the kitchen – the pantry doors were just the place.  this is after I painted them, pre-chalk!

Baylie and I get to work!!

 and the after……


just a little phone shot of our post-breakfast play time this morning!

Happy Thursday!




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  1. katy stone says:

    it looks great! i can’t wait to own a house and PAINT!! 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    love your new table. so fun.

  3. i LOVE it!!!! Looks sooo good!!

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