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While we were in Uganda in June, we got the chance to visit a school that our dear friend + brother, Mitch and his wife Shannon helped build.  I mean, no not with their physical hands, but when we were on our original man up trip in 2011, Mitch felt the call from the Lord to be involved with Pastor Andrew and his ministry with the Karamojong tribe.  They fundraised, and prayed, and visited, and told the story to anyone who would listen and guess what, that dream now is alive and active!  They have a working school!  and we got to see it first hand!  It was Sunday when we had our ministry time with Pastor Andrew, but that did not stop the cutest group of students from gathering at the school + singing and dancing their little hearts out for us.  It was a pretty emotional day for both Stephen + I.  Just blown away by Gods goodness and faithfulness and placing a dream and desire in Mitch’s heart.  We got to SEE that dream be alive and active and it was such a great reminder that God can use ANY OF US!  We simply have to LISTEN to His leading, and jump when He says jump!


Mitch is an amazing brother in Christ to us.  He’s uncle Mitch to our kids + we are Aunt Wynne and Uncle Stevo to his 3.  I get teary eyed thinking about the day when we were in Ethiopia + we went to visit their son, Zion, in the transition home.  to pray over him and give him some love.  these man up brothers – they are family!  and it’s been so cool to watch God use Mitch + Shannon!  In Mitch’s words on the subject, ” Thinking about that first trip to Mesese took me back to that exact moment when God really spoke to me and ordained me to help take care of these people.  I don’t know that I truly understood the power of the moment at that time, but it didn’t take long for the Lord to work on me.  I honestly don’t think I can ever put into words what kind of impact that the entire first Man Up trip had on me, but specifically that short time in Mesese.  The Lord truly is amazing.” 

Some info about the school…..

It opened in September of 2012 to 60 children in 3 classes (ages 2-4)
-It now has 115 children in 4 classes (we now have primary 1) and soon to expand to 5 classes (adding primary 2 in February)

Today, I wanted to share a little bit about this crazy awesome 300 shirts in 30 days fundraiser they have going on right now until October 2nd.

-By selling 300 shirts, we will raise enough money to support the school for the rest of 2013
-Shirts are 3 different colors and are great quality shirts for $20 each which includes shipping
-You can purchase them at their blog at anotherpiecetohispuzzle.blogspot.com or email Mitch at mitchhauschildt@hotmail.com

 T Shirts Combined


let’s do it!  let’s help them get to their 300 shirt goal so these kids can continue to thrive in school!

go here to buy yours today!


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