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It’s really exciting for me to get to share this week ANOTHER one of my best friends story with you.  Meet Wendy Harper 😉  She is like my lifeline here.  She’s a mixture between older sister, mom, and friend and I can’t imagine these past 2 years without her.  But I should start facing the reality that after next summer I won’t be able to just randomly go by her house every day.  Wendy + her family are following Gods call to South Sudan!  She talks about her journey on their family blog and also has a really sweet instastore where she’s selling things to raise money for their trip!  She actually has an auction going on right now until tonight at 10pm if you want to check that out 😉  Anyway, here’s Wendy’s anybody story!


Hi my name is Wendy Harper. I am a mama to 9 & wife to an amazing hubby & daddy. We moved to Midland, TX after spending the first 13 years of our marriage in Nashville, TN.  This year we celebrate 21 years of marriage! We have 7 little belly babies followed by 2 grown in our heart boys. Adoption was the “YES” that God used to Rock our world and things have never been the same.


Anybody can change the world: I’m just a follower


“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” ~Matt 16:24


At a very young age God filled me with a desire to follow Him wherever He might lead. There were times when I followed closely behind Him & times when I strayed away. There were times when it was easy to follow Him and times when it was super crazy hard to follow Him. There were times (and still are times) when following Him costs a lot. Times when people question my decisions, question my heart, and question the path I’m headed down. But God has taught me through the years that having faith means taking a risk, that staying in my little comfort zone is not where God wants me, and that following God is gonna take the “I” out of everything I do. It’s should never be about me, it should always be about what’s gonna bring God the most glory. And every single day is a start all over, forget yesterday, take up my cross, and follow God kinda day.


As a family God has been taking us on an amazing journey over the past years. We have come to a place where it is no longer about keeping up with Jones’. A place where we have been able to say, “God we are willing to go & do whatever You have for our family.” There is freedom in saying “Yes” to God. There is a peace that overcomes you when the stuff, the status & the agenda you had for your life is no longer “What it’s about.” God starts to reveal such a glorious picture of why you are here. You begin to see that everything you do, everything you are a part of, everything that God places in front of you is about Him! It’s about God receiving the glory. It’s about us honoring God by loving Him, Obeying Him, & Trusting Him. It’s about valuing God above everything else.


God has wrecked our world. We are ready & willing to flat out Go for God! It is so amazing as we look back over the past few years and see how God has loved us, grown us & equipped us for the new journey He is leading us on. He has been in every detail, He has watched with anticipation & He has & still is the director of our earthly adventure. We serve a Mighty King that we desire to serve and make known & we believe that He rejoices over us when we glorify Him.


What is God waiting on you to say “Yes” to?

Will you Follow Him?

**Join the Harper Family as they prepare to move &

love on the people of Yei, South Sudan.**


You can Follow the Harper Family at


INSTAGRAM – @closertosouthsudan @waharper @petfrog

FB Page – Harper’s All In

FB – Wendy-Stephenson-Harper & Sid Harper

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