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When I was reading this post, I started crying.  My good friend Sommer is one of those friends that I have loved doing life with the past 5+ years in Midland.  She has encouraged me, challenged me, inspired me to be a better mama, blown me away with her love for Christ and love for His word, and completely  made me yearn to teach my kids the Word of God.  I know her story will do the same for you!

Hi!! My name is Sommer Bledsoe. I am wife of 9 years to my high school sweetheart Chris and mama to Kaitlyn (5) & Jackson (2) aka “Wildman”! I am honored to be with you today and share what God has done in My Precious Family.


Anybody can change the world I’m just a mom in love with Jesus and His word.

The moment I became a mom I knew I needed some more Jesus in my life.  Can I get an Amen!! This call to motherhood is the hardest thing on the planet, friends!! There’s nothing like being knee deep in a child on a complete meltdown at Wal-Mart to make you want to hightail it back to the days of your sweet honeymoon bliss!

It was around the time Kaitlyn hit toddler age that I started running on empty. I found myself frustrated because I couldn’t do it all. Geez, that glorious super mom model is hard to live up to! Have you ever fallen into bed in complete exhaustion making a promise to yourself that tomorrow would be different?


Oh, I dreamt of days where I saw Mr. Clean giving his hearty approval of the immaculate house I was keeping; those glorious days of well behaved children, and ducks all in a row. Days where grace abounded, and patience was not lost over bowls of morning cheerios.  But, it wasn’t happening.  I was a mess, and it is when we are at the end of our rope, we have no place to look but up.

You see, I was raised in church and brought up to know Jesus, but somehow I had forgotten that through His word, in His power, and by His grace He promises to give me everything I need. That includes being grace and truth to the little hearts in my care.

I started hearing other moms speak of the “privilege” and awesome “responsibility” of raising children for God. It was during this season, that God began to stir in my heart a passion for my little one to know Him more. I started taking note of the shape I was in and ran to Jesus so that He would show me how to shepherd her heart.


Deuteronomy 11:18 says, “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds”. In chapter 6 of Deuteronomy, verse 7 says to “impress them on y our children”.

I began to ask myself, am I being obedient to “impress” and “fix” His word on her heart?   You see it’s through the filter of God’s word we see His grace, His love, His mercy, His acceptance. It was this verse in Deuteronomy that gave me the instruction and responsibility to be the teacher of her heart. I became a mama on a mission.


And so, when Kaitlyn was 3 I took this mission in the form of teaching Kaitlyn about God and all the things He created in what I named “God Made Me Days”.


I made the decision to be that ever-waiting, ever-watching mom prepared to point her to God in the everyday rhythms of life.  We learned about critters, love, shapes, colors, Jesus and animals. I was amazed at how much she soaked in and how fun it was to point all things to our Creator.

During the summer Kaitlyn was 3 that I started noticing how quickly she could recite songs or phrases from watching cartoons.  You know the popular tune…”put on your ears it’s time for…cheers!!” Well, it was time for Kaitlyn know how to clothe herself in Him; for His words to be on her ears.


Oh, God was working on this mama; don’t you love it when you feel Him pressing in?  God gave me the overwhelming desire to have His word tucked up in her heart, for His phrases to be on her lips; His word woven into the fabric of her heart.

You see, the more of God’s word she has stored up in her heart, the more resources she has to battle against sin, temptation, fear, and lies. And the same is true for you!

The more your little one soak’s in the truths of Him, the more it overflows in love for Christ and others. The more they love, absorb, memorize, and retain what God has done for them, the more the gospel empowers them to live for Christ.

So we started with A…and went to Z. We hid His work in her heart with 26 verses, one for every letter of the alphabet.  [you can find that info here]


So! My challenge to you is to go read Deuteronomy 6. No seriously..Go get you bible and come back to read this post when you’ve found Deut 6.

Now…highlight the “your” in verse 6 of chapter 6 that says “ These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts”.
Yep, mama…..That’s you! His word says your heart is where it all begins.

I challenge you to Impress His words on your heart sweet mama, wife, and friend.

I challenge you to Impress His words so that the fragrance of Him is all that your little one see’s.

I challenge you to Impress His word on your heart so that you have strength for today. Today is doable. It’s manageable. It’s standing right in front of just waiting to be grasped.

Impress His word on your heart so that you have eye to see the countless teachable moments to plant Gods word in your little one’s heart.

Anybody can change the world; start with the world God has entrusted you with. My prayer for you is that you will clothe yourself with Him today to be a shepherd to the heart(s) that call you mom.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Sommer you are always such a light and so encouraging. You challenge me to be a more intentional mom. Love you lots!

  2. Sarah says:

    This post hit right at home for me today! I’m preparing to become a mama to two toddlers from Africa & a newborn (the old fashioned way) in a short seven months or so. Sommer, your words gave me hope & encouragement. Thank you!

  3. Allison says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love sweet Sommer’s heart. What an encouragement to press into those entrusted to us! This is the great commandment and what we are created for.

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