first day [PDO]

today was the first day of Parents Day Out for my two.  A day that has been long awaited by this mama.  Remember how last week I talked about how getting breaks makes me better?  case in point.  I had a nostalgic moment last night as I was getting their lunches packed, their backpacks in order + making blueberry muffins for this morning…I am a mom!  This is real life and I’m getting my babies ready for school.  and the real world.  The past 10+ months we have spent the majority of our time at home.  Just like most would with newborns.  They’ve gone to the nursery at church + we have play dates, but mostly it’s just been us at home all day.  every day.  and today marked the start of a new era.

we love traditions in this family + today we started a new one.  muffins with mom + dad, pictures, and a trip to school!

um, literally this picture [below] was taken moments before the one on the left tried to squirm out of his daddy’s arms, causing them both to fall on the tile on our porch.  after about 10 minutes of tears from the one on the right, we were all right again.  what a start to the day…. #twinprobs

we were so excited that our friend, Alaska, is in our class!  Her mama, Jill and I have known each other for years + this is just an added bonus to PDO!

[ps- like every kid in c+a class has a really bad@$$ name!]

running around like they own the place.

and that’s all she wrote.  we dropped them off, talked to the teachers and snuck out the door [with no tears!]  As we were walking out Stephen says, “ya know, this is like the beginning of the end.  today we are dropping them off at Parents Day Out, but tomorrow it will be college!”  oh babe, don’t tell me that!  time please stand still!

I am a big advocate for PDO.  today I felt a little bit of #freedom that I haven’t felt in a while.  I felt like I had a little piece of me back.  Lets be honest, it felt dang good to just get dressed and leave the house!  and it makes me so happy that my babies LOVED it and have a sweet, small class with teachers who love them!

Until Thursday’s PDO….

what about you?  how do you get a few minutes of freedom as a mama?? 

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