Austin Stone Worship CD [a review]


I love Austin Stone worship.  I love their church.  When we make our way to Austin, Austin Stone is where we worship.  My love for the Aaron Ivey Band + the Austin Stone worship team started at Together for Adoption, October 2010 in Austin, Texas.  It was my first ever adoption conference.  I was praying like crazy my husband would say YES to adopt, and I had no clue what God was up to that weekend.  When he finally graced us with his presence at the conference on the last day [my husband that is], God totally broke through to him about adoption DURING a worship set led by the Austin Stone team.  They mainly played songs from their previous album, and we fell in love.  It became our anthem.  One of Aaron’s songs, Amos story, about their sons journey to be a part of their family through adoption was a prayer I constantly sang when we were praying Camp + Asher home.  Actually a few weeks before we went to meet Camp + Asher [we didn’t know that at the time!] I went to Austin City Limits and my girl Chloe + I went to Aaron Ivey’s show.  He sang Amos song, and it brought me to tears and prayers to my God once again.  It was there I met + befriended his lovely wife, Jamie, and the rest is history 🙂

I was so excited to get an advanced copy of Austin Stone’s NEW WORSHIP album, King of Love, set to release October 22!




first let’s talk about how special they made me feel in how this was presented!  seriously?  so awesome.  then let’s talk about how this album hasn’t left my CD player in my car since last week.  Everyday I think, “oh this is my favorite song!” but I really just love them all.  The first song on the record, Redeemed to redeem, is sorta my anthem right now.  It’s what God has been showing me in my life – I’ve been freed to see OTHERS set free, and as this song says, “We’ve been redeemed to redeem the world around us, we’ve been loved to love one another, we’ve been pursued to pursue your kingdom…”  it’s for OTHERS.  it’s not ONLY for us.  God FIRST loved us, and that’s why we love others.  God first pursed us, and that’s why we pursue His kingdom.  God REDEEMED us, and we are to TELL of that great redemption story to see OTHERS walk into that redemption.  it’s beautiful friends.  let’s not talk about how Propoganda also raps on this song…if you know me + my hubby well, you know we love us some christian rap!

I can’t wait for the album to come out, so you can buy it, also they have really cool resources on their website for church worship leaders – they want churches to be able to use all of these amazing tools they have!  how cool is that?  set your calendar for October 22 people!  you won’t want to miss it!

get your copy here:

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