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I was lying in bed restless Friday night, and decided to browse through my Pinterest boards.  I really love Pinterest mostly as a place for me to catalogue all the things online that I want to do/that inspire me/etc.  but I hardly ever go back and “do” any of them.  lame.  So I want to put forth an effort to not just let Pinterest inspire me, but inspire me to action! [which, by the way is my heartbeat for this blog!]  I don’t want to just inspire you here at Gloriously Ruined, but I want to inspire YOU to ACT!!!  It doesn’t have to be anything big, but act on something God is calling you to and maybe this space or someones voice on here confirmed for you.

well that was unplanned 😉  but back to Pinterest.  One thing I have been using it for is finding new recipes!  It’s one of my new favorite weekend past times to search recipes on my ipad for the week.

You can find my “to cook” board here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 1.36.30 PM

I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes with you.  I DID have iphone pictures of all of them…but then I updated my phone and forgot to back it up….so here are some awesome links.

I made these chicken nachos on bell peppers for a girls lunch + they were a big hit!  and great leftovers!

this one pot cheese chicken pasta was a BIG HIT with my kids!  warning:messy meal for toddlers!

this chicken parmagean with a twist by eat live run was ALSO a big hit with my kiddos!

this hommade spaghetti family recipie also by eat live run was a HUGE hit with our dinner guests, for left overs all week, and for my freezer good until December 😉  and smelt yummy while cooking all afternoon.

grilled chicken lemon basil by the Pioneer Woman was probably my favoite recipie of the summer.

lucky rainbow chex mix was a hit for the car ride to Santa Fe with the girls!

paula deens crockpot potato soup was a great way to kick off the fall.  kids + adults all loved it.  easy!

ok ok. I have more, but I’ll stop there for today.  on the menu this week is life changing mac + cheese [my fave food of all time!] and enchilada pasta casserole [that my sister [pinned!]

what are some of your favorite pinterest inspired recipies?! 

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