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If you haven’t noticed yet, let me just tell you that I’m trying to use Wednesdays on my blog to advocate + story tell for the beautiful people of Africa.  I have way too many stories + images to not set a goal for myself to post once a week.  Some of these come with ways that YOU can get involved.  I don’t want you to think I’m just asking you to donate here + there just for fun, but it’s just my passion to tell the stories and then see where God leads people!  He might be calling you to help sweet Jalia + Daniel in Uganda, or you might be really moved by a water well project.  Who am I to say?  So I’ll just keep telling stories, keep presenting opportunities, and keep praying that God will lead hearts through them all!

It’s no secret that I LOVE Noonday. [if you missed it, read my post for the ambassador “blog train” here + enter to win!] and I love the artisans behind it.  I especially love the artisan groups I’ve gotten to visit.  which makes Jalia + Daniel so special to me!  I’ve gotten to visit them not once, but twice so far since starting with Noonday and every time I just fall more in love with them! read about that here.  here. and my life changing trip here.  this is what I wrote in that post the first day I spent with them.

They believe in miracles.

They believe in healing & deliverance.

They are God fearing.

They love the name of Jesus more than their own name.

Their lives are dedicated to serving others.

They understand others because they’ve been there.

They’ve been so poor they had to sell their only bible to buy food.

They know what it’s like to be content: to be in want & to have plenty

They, like Paul, are content.

They set their minds on things above.

So you see now that they are a married couple seeking after God.  They are DENYING themselves and giving to others.  Their LIVES are about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They pour out themselves so selflessly for others.  They give even when they don’t have enough to give.  They are a family to those who don’t have a family.  They have created this amazing place where women + men can not only get good work + a fair living wage, but they get to hear about Jesus, they get fed physically + spiritually, they get celebrated, and they are walked with and prayed with and loved very well.

When I was in Uganda in June, Jalia told me their greatest need right now was a new car.  You see, they have 8 boys  that they have taken in and love just like their were their own.  and they take these boys with them to church.  it’s their lifeline.  and this car, well as she told me “always breaks”.  but now I’ve learned that they got in an accident and really need a new set of wheels.

So what do you say?  Who’s with me for blessing this family ALL the way in Uganda who never asks for anything for themselves.  Let’s bless the living daylights out of them and let them know it was done IN JESUS NAME!

[I just love that she has a “God Bless Texas” sticker…thanks for that Texas Pride Travis!]

If you are unfamiliar with Pure Charity, take a look around.  I’ve been around it for a while now, and it’s an amazing platform!



Will you join us in generously giving $5,250 to get them a new set of wheels?

[they are a little over $1500 away from their goal!]

This is more than the majority of Ugandans earn in a year. Please help us support a family that is literally transforming Uganda.

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  1. valerie says:

    Wynne, is this a project you can “back” on PureCharity, so that part of your followers’ contributions go to them too, like other projects? I’ve never seen just a “fundraiser” on PureCharity, so didn’t know if they work differently than the projects. Thanks!

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