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I think that one of my biggest joys in my adult life has been being involved in adoption.  Not only adopting, but being a part of OTHERS adoption stories.  Most of the time its with sisters that I only know online, and sometimes with sisters that I walk life with day to day.  Last night I went to a “gender reveal” party for a sweet friend of mine who’s adopting domestically and it was the sweetest reminder of Gods goodness.  There were LOTS of happy tears, and as the night went on and we processed what was happening, there were more and more tears of joy.  As I drove home I just thanked God for allowing me to be a part of it.  To be a part of the bigger story.  To be a part of something that I probably never would have dreamed of for myself – adoption isn’t always pretty, but tonight it was full of celebratory hugs and squeals as we get ready to welcome a sweet baby boy to our little group.  SO – that makes today’s post extra special to me!  Read below to see how YOU can be a part of some pretty amazing adoption stories!!!!



I love giveaways don’t you?  What I love even MORE, is helping someone BRING HOME THEIR SON OR DAUGHTER thanks to fun online auctions + giveaways. 

so I thought I’d tell you about two friends who are having awesome sales/giveaways this week!

Kate has an awesome “grow your blog” giveaway as well as a etsy round up giveaway!  Enter daily at  seriously both amazing.  you could win ad space on this blog in that giveaway too 🙂

adoption auction

My girl Danielle is having an awesome instagram sale TONIGHT to benefit their recent adoption 🙂  You can win some NOONDAY and other fun goodies! follow along HERE.

It’s honestly so fun to be a part of helping bring sons + daughters home.  and such an easy way for ANYONE to be a part of it.  We aren’t all called to ADOPT, but we are all called to do SOMETHING.  and if shopping or blogging is your thing // then here’s your chance!

feel free to share either of these with friends on social media too!  you will majorly bless these two adoptive mamas!

ps- this adoptive mama who’s still paying off some adoption related stuff is having a Noonday sample sale on @lilliesofthefield Tuesday at noon!


pss/ just posted the “sponsor” page – find it here.

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