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In my “adoption month” posts, I wanted to share some different ideas for fundraising!  Yes, there are lots of funds to be raised while you are adopting and it’s fun to come up with new ideas!  So first up is Noonday Collection!  This is a fun fact: did you know that Noonday started as an adoption fundraiser?  Founder Jessica Honneger brought back some amazing goods from Uganda [given to her by missionary friends in Uganda who were friends with our beautiful artisans there] and it was such a hit that Noonday has now grown to this amazing company with 350 ambassadors,  and 1,000 artisans in 12 countries!
remember when I went with Jessica to meet and take home her precious Jack from Rwanda?
My noonday story goes like this [the short version] : I met Jessica + Joe at Together for Adoption in Austin, Texas October of 2010.  It was the day Stephen decided he was on board to adopt and we officially said YES.  I was obsessed with the Noonday jewels, and befriended Jessica.  I would then send her emails and beg her to let me host a party in Midland.  Since adoption was always the heart of this company, the adoption trunk shows were already in place.  Oh, wait, you don’t know about that??
ya so if you host a show for an adoptive family, they get 10% CASH towards their adoption!!!!  yall this is amazing.
so this was all before their was an ambassador program + I finally convinced her to mail me a box of samples and train me a little on how to sell them.  I can’t lie, it was an amazing show.  Everyone came out and I think that show still holds the record for the highest trunk show sales to date.  that’s just how awesome noonday is and how much people love it AND love supporting adoptions!
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[my beautiful friends who hosted that first ever noonday party!]
After that she asked me to become an ambassador and the rest is history!  Not only did I have that first awesome show, but every penny I made from being an ambassador with Noonday for the next 2+ years went straight to our adoption fund.  Yall, I am proud to say that Noonday helped bring Camp + Asher home!
So what does that mean for you?  adoptive mama.  adoptive mama’s friend.
host a show.  become an ambassador.  don’t know who in your area is an ambassador?  find one here.
make it more like a baby shower or fun party.  make it about your adoption along with about supporting our 1,000 artisans all over the world who make a fair living wage for what they do.
it’s a win-win-win really.  people will love to support you, your adoption, and get some pretty amazing accessories out of the deal.
maybe do what I did.  have someone [through an ambassador] host a show for you + if you love it, become an ambassador.  let your noonday money be your adoption money.
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being an ambassador also means getting to potentially meet some life long friends, like I have with my girl Krista 🙂
If you have any questions, or want to chat about Noonday, please email me! [] I love to talk about it.  I am passionate about what we do.  I’ve been to several of the countries and I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  it’s legit.  it’s real.  and you and these artisans all over the world can help each other.
I actually have an adoption show tonight!  so excited to gather and celebrate Hope + her sweet baby AND help her people get some Christmas shopping done while supporting their adoption!

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