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Hey yall!  Happy Monday!  Hope yall had a great weekend,  I know I did finally lying low at home.  Have you missed me talking about Lilliesofthefield?  [don’t know what I”m talking about?  click here to read more] Since we’ve been traveling so much I haven’t been able to head up any instasales, but this week is my week!  I couldn’t be more excited for what it supports….


One thing that is so amazing about adoption is the people you meet along the way.  So many people who are adopting from a third world country have a heart and passion for the country [and people] that their child is coming from.  That’s exactly how we felt when we started the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  We wanted to know more about the culture, the people, and we prayed that God would show us someway to help meet needs there.

Enter Jenna + Beth.  Both these girls have a huge heart for the people of Ethiopia +have adopted little ones from there as well.  Beth + her husband Brandon have gotten super invovled in Children’s Hope Chest and supporting their care point centers.  They are actually “the people” in the States for the Greenlight Care Point center in Addis Abbaba.  That’s how Jenna and I got involved.  Over a year ago Beth did a series of posts on Give1Save1 highlighting all the precious kiddos at Greenlight who were in need of sponsors.  She’s an artist, and she even painted some of her “girl” paintings for anyone who singed up to sponsor.  [sidenote: I love she used her gifts + passions for good] Jenna + I both signed up during her series to sponsor sweet boys and this past summer Stephen + I got to VISIT the carepoint center and MEET our sweet Kenesia.





Yall, I can’t even tell you.  I was nervous before I met him, knowing that he knew that his sponsors were coming.  He was sitting outside when our team walked up, and it was the sweetest thing to get to meet him, hug him and spend the day with him.  The kids at Greenlight all have families, they aren’t orphaned, but they are vulnerable.  This community center helps these kids and their families in so many ways.  First off, it’s a church and a community center, so it’s focus is on Jesus Christ.  They have a pre-school for the little ones [which is what was going on that day] and they have after school stuff for the big kids, programs on weekends, and help support the families with food/medical/spiritual needs.  it’s amazing and have been there + meeting Kenesia made it all so real!

(4 of 6)

(6 of 6)

None of us could wipe the smiles off our faces after spending a rainy afternoon at the Greenlight center.  Our sweet boy told us all about his dreams for himself.  He wants to be a engineer and he was so facinated by the bubbles + crafts, and loved learning more about Jesus in our David + Goliath skit!  He was the cutest, sweetest little 10 year old thing I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad we got to sit with him, in his hometown, and tell him we LOVE him, Jesus loves him and we are honored to support him and his family!

**Our care point still has 13 kids who are in need of sponsors!  If you have been thinking about sponsoring a child, now’s the time!  If you want more info, email Beth [b.cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com] or look here.***


Join us TONIGHT for an instasale benefitting our “change their story” campaign at 8pm CST on @lilliesofthefield.  100% of profits will go towards our Greenlight Care Point $5,000 goal!  Visit the page to donate + learn more here.

expect to see some fall clothes, accessories, some Noonday samples, and some of Beth’s amazing custom paintings!


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