to florida and back.

happy friday, friends!  has this week flown by?  we got back from a 5 day trip visiting family late on Monday and this week has just flown by.  after being outta town for 4 days the previous week, I have just been doing everything possible to keep my head on straight.  It was nice to get away and be a little “disconnected”.  I’m slowing getting back to being connected, and “caught up” on all this life throws at us.  I just wanted to share a little bit about our trip while it was fresh on my mind.  This weekend I hope to get a little more “caught up” on some blog writing.  I’ve had two sick kiddos this week and that makes for a very unproductive mama.


the trip to florida was really perfect timing.  I alluded to my less than stellar day on instagram the night before we left, and I wish I could be more open about it right now in this post.  truth is, there’s still so much story to tell before I get to this point.  just know that I’ve been going through some pretty harsh stuff with my body + infertility.  it tends to knock you down, and I’ve felt a little knocked down.  I guess I could say I’ve been in a funk, and this florida trip was a great time to get away and disconnect.  I don’t want to paint this picture of a perfect dreamy beach trip – because that’s not at all what it was.  We went to celebrate and spend time with Stephen’s grandmother, Dean Dean for her 85th birthday that’s coming up later this month.  We stayed with Stephen’s aunt + uncle whom we adore!  I honestly had not spent more than 1 day with them since Stephen + I have been married, so it was so fun to really get to know them and be a very welcomed guest in their home.  We had a nice routine while we were in Destin.  There was a super target halfway between connie + gradys and dean dean that had a strabucks in it… every morning on our way to dean’s house, we would stop and get coffee.  a little vaca treat.  we spent a lot of time at deans looking at photo books, sitting around the table, letting the kids run around the backyard, and just visiting.  it felt like old times.  I thought so many times about my visits to my grandparents houses when I was a kid.  I never knew my great-grandparents so I think it’s pretty amazing for Camp + Asher to know 3 of theirs!  Time spent with family is so precious.  Not always easy or comfortable, but really really special.   and worth it!  love these relationships!




we did get a little family fun time!  we woke up Sunday morning and headed to watch the kids first ever experience with the beach!  Sure it was a little chilly, and we weren’t in swim suits, but it was still so fun to watch them see the sand and the ocean for the first time.  camp loved the sand + asher loved the water [no surprise there].  it makes me so excited for more adventures with those two.  they love life, and are just up for anything.  fearless.  I want to be like them.







another really special part of the trip, was on top of getting to spend time with family, we got to spend time with friends of ours who are like family!  it’s so randomly amazing that my college roomie/bff from baylor, Alice Anne and her family live in the area along with our girl Chloe + her hubby James!  I kept telling Stephen how I loved that it felt so natural to be getting to spend one on one time with them [and group time!].  What he said rang true, “yall are so connected that it doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen each other in a while“.  it’s true.  I love friendships like that.  they filled my tank, and lifted my spirits, and I’m so glad I got to spend some time with each of them.


all in all, it was a great week.  a successful travel trip with the kids [their first since coming home from Ethiopia].  sweet time with our little family.  but I can’t lie, I am so happy to finally be home.  having all these adventures has worn me out.  I go-go-go and then crash.  so let the crashing begin!  happy weekend, folks!


just a little reminder to me of the one-on-one time I got with my man last week.  I don’t deserve him.  he loves me no matter how pouty, funky, or unloveable I am.

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