Baking Day

Yall, I am not a baker.  like for real.  my sister, Mary Helen, is the baker.  I am not.  but every year during the holidays I like to pretend I do have that baking skill, and make some homemade goodies for our friends + neighbors!  Just a little something to let them know we love them and are thinking about them!  It’s also become a really fun tradition for Stephen + I over the years.  We combine delivering the goodies with looking at Christmas lights, and it is always a fun night during the Christmas season.


To make this tradition even MORE fun, I made these goodies with my girls Jenna + Alison!  We got together one morning at Jenna’s after the kids were dropped off at Parents Day Out, and made a day of it!  We drank coffee [ maybe more than 2 pots…], we laughed, we told stories, we baked.  I loved how much more fun it was to bake with friends.  Instead of it being maybe a stressful task, or something just to “cross off the list” it was truly fun.  To take a break from the “lists” and “to dos” and spend the morning dreaming and baking with good friends!  I think this part of the tradition will have to continue each year!


On the menu for my treat this year was: Poppyseed Bread from the Not so desperate housewives [no I did not make that up, thank you Pinterest]

the recipe was so easy to follow [even for me] and with a little help from my friends, I finished it!  I doubled the recipe thinking I would get 12 loaves…but I only got 8.



I used foil baking pans, way easier!  and who has 8 real baking pans??  I ended up afterwards, taking them out of the baking pans and putting them into this super cute “bread” paper Jenna gave me.  So in the end, I probably could have made more and just made them smaller….for next year.



and there she is!  after the yummy glaze was put on her!


all I did, was take them out of the foil pan + put them in the cute baking paper.  I went to Target and bought a 8 pack of cute glass ornaments and used some twine I had lying around the tie it all together!  I had high hopes of ordering cute little tags, but time did not permit and this worked just fine!  All of our neighbors + friends loved the bread….success!!

Be sure to check out Jenna + Alison’s posts today and read more about this yummy goodness they made…


Jenna made this yummy “buck eyes” treat! 


Alison made this…

Until next year friends!  Do you have any “go to” baked goods you made during the holiday season?  We’d love to hear them! 

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