Christmas Traditions

I have a whole post brewing about Christmas traditions I had when I was growing up.  I love them, there is something about doing the same thing every year that just makes me happy.  So naturally, I really want to start awesome traditions with my kids.  I didn’t realize it, but we started a tradition already!  Last year, on our first trip out of the house on our own, we made our way to Target to shop for our sweet sponsor girls in Ethiopia for Christmas.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, but was way more special with these two.


and now this year we made our way out of the house again, after a crazy winter storm, to Target to shop for our sweet Dative in Rwanda!  The kids don’t really quite know what’s going on yet, but we talked about Dative and they helped me pick out things she would like in her favorite colors, pink + purple.  This year I printed off a christmas coloring sheet + they made her little notes!  it was so fun them sitting up on the table, being all crafty.  As we drew, we talked about Dative, we said her name, and we prayed for her.  I look forward to many more years of shopping, crafting, and praying for our sponsor children all over the world with my two!




picking out the tree! for as long as I can remember, we’ve had a real Christmas tree.  Our family always had one growing up, and while I don’t remember going to get the tree, I do remember the night we decorated it.  We each would get a new ornament every year.  Mine were angels, my sisters lambs + well we can’t remember what my littlest got.  But we would open them, and then help my mom decorate the tree while we listened to festive music!  It’s such a fun tradition and I love our little families spin on it.  Every year since Stephen + I have been married, we’ve gone to get a real tree.  Preferably it’s cold, and we get hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music.  Then we come home, he strings the lights + I put on the ornaments while we watch a Christmas movie!

Since we’ve been in Midland, we go to Oregon Trail Trees [a family owned biz] and pick out our tree!  It’s one of my favorite things all year!  Last year the babies were too small to even get out…

(5 of 8)

but this year we had so much fun!  camp + asher loved running around “picking out a tree” and touching and generally being fascinated by everything they saw and felt.  bringing the tree home was interesting….mommy finished dinner as daddy set up the tree!  we had our dinner “candle lit” and talked about our Advent calendar while we ate garlic shrimp.  Lighting + decorating will have to be for another night…but I LOVE this tradition!










What about you?  what have you adapted from your childhood to your family now? 

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  1. Ruthie Hart says:

    I just love seeing your little family friend! This Christmas will be SO FUN for C and A!

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