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I love all these fun “goodies that give” highlights.  I started my first list here + then shared about Fotostrap here.  and next in line is Mocha Club/ I Need Africa/ fashionABLE!  I’ve been a huge fan of what they do for a few years.  Actually, before I even stepped foot on African soil.  I told yall about their new INA 2.0 campaign back in September, but now they have NEW awesome stuff and it’s PERFECT time for those holiday gifts!  and guess what today is???  CYBER MONDAY!  enjoy 20% off + Free Shipping all day!!

Simply visit the Mocha Club store here.

I might just add that I’m currently drooling over….


INA 2.0 fashionABLE scarf, emerald green


the INA pocket Tote!  pocket from fashionABLE scarf, and sewn on by the ladies at thistle farms in Nashville.


and the Lyndsay Letters “I Need Africa print”….


AND, if the cyber sale wasn’t cool enough…check out Mocha Club’s first ever noisetrade compilation!


This is a compilation of 13 songs from some of our favorite Nashville artists. Each of these musicians have graciously given these songs, and are passionate about using their platform to bring hope + healing to the world. All tips from this album will go to further support our development work in Africa. 


I just downloaded mine and I can’t wait to listen to it all day 🙂

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  1. Amy says:

    There were college students on a Mocha Club trip staying at our guest house during our court trip to Addis. They introduced us to FashionABLE and we went there to shop. It was the greatest experience to meet the ladies who were making the scarves and then purchase them for friends who supported me through my adoption process. Thank you, Wynne, for providing this link to their store. I will visit and shop!

    • Wynne says:

      Amy, that is awesome!! I hope I get to go and see their operations one day, I don’t know how I haven’t done that yet! so amazing! thanks for commenting!

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